Home Airsoft Cheaters enimine – the first smart bouncing mine

enimine – the first smart bouncing mine

enimine – the first smart bouncing mine

Enimine is the first smart bouncing land mine for the airsoft. Managed by a remote control Enimine works with a microwave radar that detects the movements in a radius of about 5 meters it triggers the detonation of a Bouncing Mine filled with gas and BB’ It’s equipped with a remote disarm system Just hit it and it will trigger and detonate.

It can be buried for ¾ of its body becoming practically invisible to the human eye. It shoots BB’S in all directions Enimine is powered by a lipo7.4v battery and the bouncing mine is reusable Once sealed the inner tube of the mine just load it with the bb’s, crush it in the base and finally refill it with gas.

Enimine is available in 2 different colors. Enimine, the Airsoft revolution.


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