Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover an essential accessory for players playing in CQB obscure or night. It is our partner OLIGHT who transmitted us one of their last flashlight which is S1R BATON 2.

OLIGHT is already well known for their different lamps whether tactical or for use as outdoor activities. You will receive the flashlight in a most enjoyable package with the embossed pattern on the front of the box and in addition to the actual size to not have any surprise We can also see on the side icons showing the different applications to which the lamp can be used and for us it will be the airsoft obviously of course even if no icon is registered.

On the back, we find the technical information and description of the lamp. And on the last side a flashcode leading to OLIGHT website and finally the warranty period. We now go to the contents of the box, the flashlight is in a thermoformed plastic housing ifting is found a strap, a storage box for batteries, a carrying case, a user manual in French and a mandatory accessory to recharge the lamp and it is the magnetic charge cable MCCII in USB format The lamp is of course supplied with its battery 550 mAh IMR RCR123A and will be mounted in the lamp.

Now let’s discover in detail this flashlight full of surprise. The S1R BATON 2 is an LED lamp that can develop an astonishing 1,000 lumens of power using the new 10C discharge-mode lithium-manganese battery and all this with a single battery that is quite bluffing Its metal fabrication allows it a shock resistance but will also be waterproof with the IPX8 standard.

Its classic design and pattern of the BATON series offers a good grip despite its small size It is equipped with a clip for belt or others to have your lamp at hand quickly without having to fear losing it because this clip is quite firm Several adaptations are possible like the pose on a visor of cap or then on the soft loops of your tactical vest The second-generation TIR optical lens gives a very good clarity and a balanced hot spot It also has a fast charging point at the end of the lamp that will be done with the USB charging cable MCCII with a faster charging rate MCCII Magnetic Loader Let’s discover this particular cable! It will be very easy for you to charge your lamp with this USB cable, because it is therefore equipped with a magnetic base that just positioned easily on the base of the lamp then you connect the cable to your USB port and charging is done automatically A light under the underside of the charging base indicates the progress of the charge.

Red dot for current charge and green dot for completed charge Now let’s move on to the features of this flashlight. It weighs 51 g for a length of 63 mm and a diameter of 21 mm. The LED is a Cree XM-L2 CW.

It therefore offers 5 power levels and a strobe mode. Each of the levels will give power and autonomy based on the original battery in 550 mAh Level 1: 1000 lumens / 37 minutes Level 2: 600 lumens / 45 minutes Level 3: 60 lumens / 3:40 Level 4: 12 lumens / 20h Level 5: 0.

5 lumens / 8 days The maximum distance of the light beam will be 145 meters which is very correct for such a small lamp Use flashlight Now let’s move on to use! The lamp is easy to use thanks to its side switch.

Press the switch once and the lamp will come on, stay on and the different powers will scroll When you have the level of your choice release the switch, to turn off the lamp press again, when you turn on the lamp it will automatically return to the level chosen last To use the strobe mode, press the switch once to turn on the lamp, then press 3 times quickly and the strobe mode will fire.

To stop this mode, press the switch once which will extinguish the lamp and lose the last choice of power. This level memorization is excellent news because many lamps dedicated to airsoft not this feature The lamp is also equipped with a very useful battery indicator, in the center of the switch is a color indicator Once the lamp is on Green indicates a Power> 60%, the Yellow: the power is between 10% and 60% and the Red: a Power <10% What can we say about this flashlight? Its small size allows it to be taken everywhere and give performance probably higher than some big dual battery lamps on the market and dedicated to the airsoft An adaptation on a ring for RIS on your replica can certainly be a good alternative to all these low-end lamps that do not give you complete satisfaction The only negative point that we have been able to remember is that letting the lamp last for a long time at 1000 lumens warms the body of the lamp and can cause discomfort.

Here is the review of the flashlight S1R BATON 2 OLIGHT completed. You can find this product directly on amazon via the link in the description of the video at an approximate price of 64 dollars Take advantage of the coupon code that has been assigned to us especially for our subscribers Find all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW and our partner in the description of the video.

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