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Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover a replica transmitted by our partner DM Diffusion. This is the replica PBW 92S Gaz in SILVER version, it is the brand B & W (BOLD WARRIOR IN ACTION) and according to some sources would be developed by POSEIDON or the sticker on the package What do you find in the package? The replica is well maintained in its cardboard housing and then in a plastic bag and a MAG SILVER Gaz 23 BBS The notice will be provided in the package Let’s move on to the exterior design of this P92S.

We start on the basis of the M9 already well known players, its appearance does not change compared to other M9 market. This replica is offered in SILVER version but also in BLACK version. This replica weighs 915gr with the MAG for 220 mm Let’s explore the outdoors in more detail: It is therefore composed of an aluminum cylinder head and revealing the barrel also aluminum.

As well as these organs of aiming molded and very basic at the aesthetic level. The grooves on the cylinder head are light but will be enough to push back the breech There is also the ambidextrous safety easily operable The aluminum body is smooth and receiving the breech disassembly latch but also the lock that will block your breech once the MAG is empty His trigger is very basic and faithful to the original MAG ejection button These butt pads are plastic receiving the mark B & W The replica is also equipped with a strap ring but is made of plastic Then we finish with his MAG SILVER 23 BBS gas fed by the lower valve Now let’s move on to internal features: The internal remains pretty basic but with the exception of changes made with parts POSEIDON It receives a 113 mm internal AIR-CUSHION gun and its joint, both of the POSEIDON brand, mounted on a hopup wheel block.

This internal gun must allow the BBS to be carried on a cushion of air and to obtain performances up to 50 meters according to the grammage used This replica is given at 310 FPS in 0.20 g We pass the test at 50 meters GAZ ULTRAIR and BBS 0.

30 G because the lower weights do not allow shots because the hopup seal appeals to the BBS despite a setting to zero. The manufacturer announces that the replica is planned for this distance, but we do not know if the performances will be held.

We see the BBS from the barrel and go up very quickly despite a zero setting HOPUP and a weight in 0.30. BBS pass over the target. I will refuel BBS, we hit the target but accuracy at this distance is impacted by the HOPUP.

The GAZ load has come to an end, the HOPUP seal has heated up and the results are a little nicer. I will reload GAS and BBS We touch the feet of the target The target’s touch distance is obtained but the precision is random, it will be necessary to modify the mechanism HOPUP for a better operation.

We go to the target test at 25 meters in 0.30 g / Ultrair gas, I will target mainly the head and then the bust to know the accuracy at this distance. I will reload, to have a replica with pleasant performances you will need: Use a heavy weight (0.

30) or repair the HOPUP. The MAG makes it possible to empty twice in BBS for a single charge of GAS, which is a good point for this replica. Here is the review of the PBW 92S Gas SILVER version of B & W completed.

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