Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover the products of our new partner CRAFT HOLSTERS specializing in the manufacture and sale of HOLSTER as well as complementary accessories.

This company offers these products in the first place to people who hold a real firearm but can also be adapted to our airsoft replicas as we will be able to see in this review We therefore received a package containing the HOLSTER PANTHER for glock 17 and 19 as well as a very nice belt and both in Italian LEATHER as well as a lapping kit CRAFT HOLSTERS has been working for years with all its family know-how and expertise in leather goods to offer these products but also in collaboration with the largest European HOLSTER manufacturers such as VEGA HOLSTER or FALCO The products were received in a very pleasant packaging with protective envelopes for both the HOLSTER and the belt.

And his leather care kit. What surprises when opening this package is the very present smell of leather and which gives this very appreciable noble side The HOLSTER received today is the PANTHER model in version GLOCK 17 and 19, this HOLSTER has the technical name OPEN TOP LEATHER PANCAKE HOLSTER.

This HOLSTER is made of genuine Italian leather and personalized according to the model of your replica for a perfect fit. The leather is very thick, robust and worked entirely by hand as can be seen on the profile obtained from the replica on the leather.

It is sewn with high quality German thread in double stitching to guarantee significant durability and solidity during intensive use The rear part of the holster is a sweat protector and higher to avoid any friction on your skin and for better comfort but also to facilitate the repositioning of the replica We have two belt loops very wide allowing the use of a much larger belt like the leather offered just after Maintaining the holster correctly with the belt at the top of the pelvis makes it easier to hide it under any garment The edges of the HOLSTER are fully treated to protect against wear and tear giving the impression that the two layers of leather are one Once in position with the belt on your pants, the orientation given by this holster improves the grip of the replica as well as its reinsertion The internal of the holster receives a treatment to avoid lint of leather on your replica but also serving as protection for it.

Obviously a slight wear can appear inside due to the friction of the replica but without damaging the leather This HOLSTER is offered in MAHOGANY color like today’s or in BLACK The belt we received is made by VEGA HOLSTER for CRAFT HOLSTER and comes perfectly coupler to the HOLSTER PANTHER with this color MAHOGANY It measures 38 mm high, perfect for accommodating passers-by in the HOLSTER PANTHER, you will be able to choose your waist size It is made of thick and robust Italian leather with its buckle in solid brass also made in Italy LAPPING KIT CRAFT HOLSTER offers this kit to break in your HOLSTER and allow it to relax slightly.

We have inside the running-in liquid, a wool brush to more easily reach the inside of the HOLSTER and a microfiber cloth The user manual is in ENGLISH Good points : Quality products whether by design or not the materials used.

A perfect adaptation to airsoft replicas. An old school look that can delight players looking for less modern equipment. Affordable prices considering the quality Negative points : No negative points noted on these products Here is the review of the HOLSTER PANTHER and its accessories from CRAFT HOLSTERS completed.

I still want to thank Al for contacting us and offering these products for review Visit the CRAFT HOLSTERS website now and discover their multiple products that can be adapted to airsoft Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! See you soon! BYE BYE


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