Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover a replica sent by 020 Magazine which is in charge of the promotion of SECUTOR ARMS brand products. I want to thank Marine for allowing me to offer you this new product.

Last year SECUTOR proposed the GLADIUS 17 but which has encountered some technical problems and who therefore decided to relaunch a new series of GLADIUS 17 It is thus the replica GLADIUS 17 ACTA NON VERBA in version BLACK II which was transmitted to us.

I want to clarify when no case 020 magazine gave me instructions on the realization of this review and I will remain impartial as with other products that we usually offer What do you find in the package? We can already see that SECUTOR always offers pretty nice packages in visual and at the same time provides a very good protection of the replica during its transport with this compact foam cut to the shape of the replica.

There are also some use documents including the one that will allow you to correctly install the CO2 cartridge. There is also an additional charger seal, a small vial of silicone oil for maintenance, a special extra perforated nozzle summer because the replica is originally fitted with a special winter nozzle and to finish a mounting key of your CO2 cartridges with the logo of SECUTOR.

The replica is therefore supplied with a MAG CO2 of 23 BBS. EXTERNAL DESIGN Let’s move on to the exterior design of this new GLADIUS 17 ACTA NON VERBA. We start on a glock 17 base very pleasant to the visual either by its stippling but also by its openwork slide.

This replica weighs 770 gr with the MAG for 220 mm. EXTERNAL DETAIL Let’s explore the outdoors in more detail: It is therefore composed of a very visually aggressive openwork metal slide and revealing the external barrel also metal receiving the inscriptions ACTA NON VERBA typical of this series.

the marking quickly fades on the outer barrel The outer barrel is equipped with a 14 mm anti-clockwise flame cover that allows you to install a silencer The anti-clockwise adapter under the flame cover will also be removable if you do not wish to have an element at the end of the barrel.

these sighting devices have received a phosphorescent treatment that will allow you to have optimal visibility. The rise is removable and can be mounted in the rear position. The grooves on the slide are frank and allow a good grip when arming the slide.

We also find the SECUTOR logo on the back of it The polymer frame receives a fairly clean and slightly aggressive stippling for the hands, it offers a good grip and will install your lamp or laser on a picatinny location.

There are also the buttons for disassembly of the typical slide glock but also the slider retainer We can also mount a RMR on the slide thanks to the location provided for this purpose which will increase your aim, attention the distance between screws is not identical to the old version GLADIUS 17 which will require you to buy a RMR different Its relaxation is unrealistic and equipped with safety to block the trigger when you do not play Its MAG ejection button is quite big and out of the body which will facilitate its action Then there is a strap location on the back of the butt Then we finish with its Mag CO2 23 BBS equipped with a removable stippling charger heel quickly for installing or changing your CO2 cartridge.

The installation of your CO2 cartridge will be like MAGS APS thanks to a positioning of this one in a way reversed to the other mags of the market INTERNAL DETAIL Now let’s move on to internal features: Once the slide disassembled, we realize that the received model is quite fat original and it will begin with a cleaning and a more suitable re-greasing Some improvements have been made on this new series.

A double spring on the guide rod improves the operation of the slide. Inner Barrel 6.03 / 97 mm During the tournagen part of the molding of the hopup block broke causing a malfunction of the slide WINTER NOZZLE SUMMER NOZZLE TEST CHRONY / SUMMER NOZZLE TARGET TEST 40 METERS considering the temperature today which is 25 ° C, we will use the nozzle summer for our firing tests We pass the test at 40 meters with the gladius in BBS 0.

25 GR / CO2 on target, during the first tests we had a lot of trouble adjusting the HOPUP, it will probably adjust it during the test and change it later. During these first tests we could not reach the target.

We hit the target one or two times and the rest of the BBS have trajectories on the right and on the left The Joint HOPUP will have to be changed on this replica For this first test, the replica touches well to 40 meters but the accuracy is not correct with this seal HOPUP We move to a second test at 40 meters, the CO2 cartridge has not been changed HOPUP performances are not permanent on all shots, the trajectory is very random At the moment the BBS has reached the target in tense and straight shooting but that does not happen at every BBS unfortunately At the moment the BBS arrived on the ground before the target while the aim was identical TARGET TEST 20 METERS We pass the test at 20 meters, the objective is to determine the accuracy at this distance on the high parts of the target as the head and the bust.

The cartcouhe of CO2 has not been changed yet At this distance the replica gets nice performance and this allows us to see that a single empty CO2 cartridge 3 charge full BBS. POSITIVE / NEGATIVE POINTS Let’s move on to the positives and negatives: In positive: an internal gun announced in diameter 6.

03 A really nice kick The possibility of changing the nozzle according to the season In negative: Accuracy and reach too low at long distances A change of the HOPUP Joint see COMPLETE BLOCK The loading system of the CO2 cartridge that must be carried out carefully or the seal will leak A replica not supplied with his RMR given its fairly high price.

Sights are too low in the event of a RMR failure Here is the review of GLADIUS 17 ACTA NON VERBA brand SECUTOR and transmitted by 020 magazine completed. Find all AIRSOFT REVIEW links in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! I’ll see you soon! BYE BYE


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