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Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome on AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover a new range of GAS NIMROD TACTICAL brand of our partner AIRSOFTZONE. This range consists of 3 versions that will allow you to use your gas replicas in any kind of time or to increase the power of your replicas if it is not high enough The brand NIMROD TACTICAL therefore offers 3 different gas bottles with different characteristics and quickly recognizable by a color code Each of these bottles is equipped with a metal tip and equipped with a thread for those and the one that would be useful, the capacity is 1000 ml for a capacity of 500 ml These gases will not be recommended on TOKYO MARUI type plastic slide replicas SPECIFIC DETAILS Let’s go to the detail of these 3 bottles! We will start with the bottle GREEN GREEN EDITION: It is identified in STANDARD Performance It will be ideal for use in the spring, summer or fall but will not be suitable for cold winter temperatures.For an external temperature at 20 ° C., values of 145 psi for 10 bar are obtained. Then, let’s go to the RED cork bottle in RED EDITION: She is identified in PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE. It will be ideal for use all year including winter except in extreme cold weather. For an external temperature at 20 ° C., values of 174 psi for 12 bar are obtained. We finish with the BLACK EDITION bottle: It is reported that incorrect use may damage your replica but also your grenades and MAGS For a temperature of 20 ° C., values of 203 psi for 14 bar are obtained.These bottles have a very stable gas pressure and advertised for perfect trajectory control, low temperature efficiency and increased performance of your replicas This performance gas is extremely powerful and will be favored for use in winter and only on high quality replicas We would like to remind you that the use of this type of consumable is always risky and that you always have to take a minimum of precaution either during the preparation phase of your replicas or in storage. CHRONY TEST Here is the NIMROD TACTICAL gas review of our partner AIRSOFTZONE completed. You can find these products on the shop of our partner at a price of 9,90 euro for the GREEN version, 11,90 euro for the RED version and 14,90 euro for the BLACK version we would like to thank Soline and the AIRSOFTZONE team for allowing us to introduce you to these new products Find all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW and our partner in the
description of the video. Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you ! I’ll see you soon! BYE BYE .


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