Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover a replica that has been eagerly awaited since its official announcement a few months ago. It is ASSASSIN AAP-01 gas from ACTION ARMY and transmitted by our partner AIRSOFTZONE You will receive this replica in a cardboard packaging always in the Action Army style giving a quick overview of the replica and the color of it.

The replica is placed in a molded cardboard housing and wedged in the box in a fairly basic way we have a manual that does not offer French but English a test certificate a MAG of 22 BBS in gas version EXTERNAL VISUAL The AAP-01 ASSASSIN is therefore a replica based on the RUGER MARK 4 in terms of external appearance but also comes to modernize the original model For once it is a replica that really stands out and that reconciles us with the RUGER It is fine, light and very well finished giving a weight of 655 gr with the MAG for a length of 230 mm, its polymer design will make other replicas blush There are no frills on this replica but only simple and effective elements It may well be that the AAP-01 is the cult replica of this year 2020 thanks to its versatility but above all its price which largely challenges the latest innovations on the market, it will cost you 75 to 85 euro depending on the shops which is really affordable EXTERNAL DETAIL We discover the 84 mm flute polymer outer barrel receiving an end piece on a 14 mm anti-clockwise thread allowing the mounting of a silencer The upper body is also made of polymer receiving the movable aluminum alloy cylinder head with a typical RUGER design, when the cylinder head is pulled, you can access the hopup setting via the dummy cartridge ejection window On the outer barrel and the upper body we can see the presence of 4 holes suggesting the arrival of optional picatinny rail The sights are made of polymer and equipped with optical fiber ensuring good acquisition even in low light.

These sights are also removable The frame is the most revamped part on this replica with its grip, it is in very good quality polymer receiving a bolt catch in ambidextrous steel but also two elements adaptable to the left-handed as to the right-handed which are the safety and the eject button MAG This is a very big asset for this replica which will seduce any type of player The trigger is also equipped with a safety like on the GLOCK On the back of the FRAME you will have a place for a wrist strap Then we finish with its MAG 22 BBS in Gas version, beware of the valve seal which is easily removed during gas loading INTERNAL DETAIL Let’s move on to the technical and internal characteristics of this replica.

The big surprise about this product is that the internal architecture is that of the MARUI Glocks and therefore compatible with the vast majority of commercial items Its INNER barrel measures 129 mm and mounted on a new generation MARUI type hopup The replica is disassembled very quickly thanks to the rear lock, once pressed it is enough to pull on the external barrel / breech assembly and voila.

Nothing simpler for your interviews or upgade The AAP-01 ASSASSIN is also equipped with a hidden selector to switch to FULL AUTO but honestly she did not need it because only the SEMI was enough for her, but she has the merit of offering it for the craziest COMPATIBILITY MAGS There is also another big novelty and which I think will be the biggest highlight.

is compatibility with a large panel of MAGS on the market Unfortunately I only have a few GLOCK type MAGS in stock so I will test with the WE GAS, the Stark Mag CO2 would be compatible but only by changing the GAS ROUTE Other compatible MAGS brands: Tokyo Marui (road gas change) / Umarex / WE CO2 / KJW / STARK ARMS (road gas change) MAG AAP-01 FLAT ROAD GAS MAG STARK ARMS / TOKYO MARUI CURVED ROAD GAS Not compatible TARGET TEST 20 METERS 0.

25G MAG SEMI + MAG FULL AUTO TARGET TEST 35 METERS 0.25G MAG SEMI HOLSTER COMPATIBILITY COMPATIBILITY HOLSTER UNIVERSAL CYTAC COMPATIBILITY HOLSTER SAFARILAND 579 GLS Let’s move on to the negative and positive points: Negative: The absence of a top rail for fitting an optic A polymer thread at the end of the outer barrel which may not withstand a fall with a mounted silencer In positive: Very high compatibility, both internally and for MAGS.

A replica with a modernized look. Performances that are far above our expectations An unbeatable price. A very wide range of accessories provided by Action Army Here is the review of the AAP-01 ASSASSIN from Action Army Company and transmitted by AIRSOFTZONE over Many thanks to Soline for her support and for allowing us to test this product.

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