Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome on AIRSOFT REVIEW We meet today to discover the latest novelty from AIRSOFT INNOVATIONS and transmitted by our partner AIRSOFTZONE. This product has been the subject of great debate on the internet since its release and it is the grenade 40 MIKE.

I could not wait to test this grenade and make my own judgment So we have a typical AIRSOFT INNOVATIONS brand package with some information even if the majority is in English. Inside we have a PVC patch, the MIKE pomegranate 40, a safety cap, a bottle of silicone oil for the maintenance and a user manual entirely in English also but well illustrated to understand the instructions.

We can see the touch of humor on the manual, the relationship between this grenade and Gruyère It measures me 115 mm height in metal giving a weight of 293 gr The external shows the BBS charging port and also the valve for the gas The base of the grenade is equipped with a striker.

It is quite impressive but will fit easily into your pouches for long replicas or 40 mm TECHNICAL DETAILS Let’s go to the technical characteristics: The MIKE 40 is announced as the most powerful 40mm grenade on the market with 240 FPS for an effective range of 30 meters Of course to reach this distance, the rounded shot will be mandatory.

It has a capacity of 150 BBS that will be projected in 1/3 of a second which is extremely fast Let’s go to the conditions of use recommended by the manufacturer with this grenade. It is stipulated that this grenade should not be used with HPA, CO2 but also with too powerful gases like NUPROL 3.

0 and 4.0 But also do not use the Black Edition of the brand NAMROD TACTICAL which will be too powerful PREPARATION GRENADA For the preparation of the grenade, place the safety cap on the base of the grenade.

You charge Gas for 5 seconds (see the authorized gases in the video). You fill the grenade with the BBLOADER for the first time through the loading port. When the BBS do not fit into the grenade, plug the hole with your hand and turn the grenade around and rotate it to allow the BBS to fit properly in the bottom of it.

you place the grenade to the side and reload a second time in BBS without straightening the grenade. Then you reposition it to the vertival by plugging the loading port and then you rotate the grenade to complete it.

Repeat the loading one last time so that the grenade is 100% full and remove the remaining BBS in the barrel, once that is done you will have no more BBS noise in the grenade. Beware of the grenade launcher you choose on the internet or shop because some models are not compatible with the 40 MIKE.

Prefer LONG or SHORT M203, or rotary launcher grenade 6 shots REAL SPEED TEST & SLOW MOTION We pass the test directly on me at a distance of 15 meters, I am equipped to perform this test as in a real game situation, some people have tested this grenade wearing a simple Tee-shirt but I do not see the goal because no one plays only with a simple Tee-shirt.

We pass the test at 20 meters on target to know the dispersion of BBS at this distance. We pass the test at 30 meters on target to know the dispersion of BBS at this distance. The shot is made in curve to reach the maximum distance announced by the manufacturer and on a diameter of 3 meters The BBS pass on the right of the target despite a straight shot, the target was very little touched by the BBS.

The trajectory of the BBS form an arc before reaching the target We go to the second test at 30 meters trying to touch the target a little better. The BBS are passed to the left of the target, the positioning of the grenade and the exit port of the BBS must have an impact on the trajectory.

We still reach 30 meters We go to the third test at 30 meters, I made a mark marker on the base of the grenade to see if the positioning of it and the outlet have an impact on the trajectory of the BBS The result shows that the mark I made on the base gives satisfaction on the trajectory of the BBS, you will find in the video positioning of the repeater and the correct positioning in the grenade launcher M203 My conclusions after these tests! This grenade can be very useful to reach much greater distances than for a basic 40 mm, given its range of about 30 meters in a bell with a dispersion of approximately 3 meters at this distance which allows to cover a wide opposing fields of action The close shots on the opponents can be made but respecting a minimum distance of 15 meters because below this one the repetition of 150 BBS in the same body zone can quickly be unpleasant and potentially hurt slightly if the shot is not mastered and steered towards a poorly protected player as with a lack of full facial protection After these words only imply me and these are my feelings about this product.

Well used it can be a nice and fun accessory Here is the review of the grenade 40 MIKE AIRSOFT INNOVATIONS and transmitted by our completed AIRSOFTZONE. You can find these products in the shop at the price of 69,90 euro We would like to thank Soline and the AIRSOFTZONE team for allowing us to introduce you to this product.

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