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hey guys impacts on gaming here with a new Mahina yes it’s been a series of little while since I uploaded anything on channel especially regarding the back of your two coats so therefore I’m making up for lost time today bringing you four sets of quotes in which one of them are quite rare to find in game according to my experience now I’ll put some random gameplay in the background just to make the video seem a bit more interesting visually so I hope you enjoy it and I appreciate that you’re still following this and I still get some quotes saved up on my harddrive but I’m just waiting for some translations and then everything will be fine I’m still working only to pay back and Avenger quotes but we’ll get there eventually so for now just enjoy the video and I wish you all a Happy Easter hello [ __ ] out this whole point coming down we got to get the hell out of here it’s coming down on top of us let’s get the [ __ ] out of here this place is coming down we villages that today she’s just Chirac did western narubu another fire eater the first kill 25 right there thirty we’re at 30 kill 49 kill one to go find some targets hey squad listen up that’s the best [ __ ] I’ve ever seen good job this shit’s gone all the hell we’re pulling out fall back all units this is dagger enemy forces are closing in it looks like we lost this one this mission is lost pull out now Grim Reaper this rookie man the Russians are falling back good job out there today Jim whoa – this is dagger it looks like the Russians are on the run fucking-a those Russians are falling back well done wolf – this is dagger yeah those Russians are falling back well done guys well – this is dagger looks like those Russians are falling back [ __ ] agents well done okay pleasecome process Roberta received across business trip wa bokura nama souvenir weavers enough preposterous Davila Kenya’s very important selenium queries area preceding the stupid and editor of my girlie rarest American sets profile at Wiktionary water salad bar Micajah Britannica stupid we need block up our botany Theodor Boveri comes our code yet women Valeri enemy spotted enemy look it’ll be at your six watch your backside you got somebody behind you hey watch out anybody behind you hey watch yourself enemy behind you the enemy on your six watch your six enemy on your tail watch your back hostile enemy on your sick won’t you sit enemy out of your sick


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