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Elite Force 4CRL Airsoft Gun Review

Elite Force 4CRL Airsoft Gun Review

hey guys Angus from spotted hog airsoft here today with another airsoft video review they’re going to be taking a look at the AEG currently my hands this is the elite force for crl which added the two styles this AEG is a slightly longer full stock model now elite force was kind enough to send this gun out to me directly but if you’re looking at it on airsoft retail sites expect to pay somewhere in the 350 to 400 dollar range this is a rather nice quality airsoft gun so expect the higher price tag and with that being said let’s go ahead and hop directly into this video review all right now jumping straight into this video review let’s start off by covering this aegs externals now overall externally this gun is incredibly solid that’s because we get a lot of metal on this gun when it comes down to plastic pieces there are only really three important ones and those would include your included 300 round high cap magazine the pistol grip as well as the weapons stock these are all constructed of a rather solid quality plastic they don’t feel cheap in any way and the magazines a little wobbly but otherwise it all feels rather solid those plastic pieces when it comes to metal your outer barrels constructive metal as is your flash hider both of your iron sights your upper and lower receiver this Ras handguard as well as all your extremities including your bolt catch your fire selector switch etc so overall you get a good amount of metal on this gun probably a bit more than plastic when it comes down to it but the weight certainly isn’t too bad this thing probably weighs in and you anywhere from five to seven pounds and it feels pretty evenly distributed especially with the lighter metal up front via that rail system another quick external note that’s pretty nice would be a very nice painted on trademark located on the left side of the guns low receiver just the elite force logo on four crl but it does look pretty nice and bright white paint overall externals are rather solid and it’s a nice gun when it comes to internals I do believe this gun is OEM by vfc but don’t quote me on that a lot of the guys I play with in the airsoft field they swear by vfc internals and these guns internal certainly are great you do get a metal version 2 gearbox inside here but we’ll talk a little bit more about performance aspects later when we actually test this gun out however vfc internals they’re typically pretty solid and that’s exactly what we out of this gun now moving onward to features let’s start off with the most important one on an electric on in my opinion and that would be battery space now since the 4c RL is the full stocked model of this aeg obviously that’s where a battery is held I’m a huge fan of full stocks because you can fit a large battery in there and really crank this gun up with a high voltage large output battery in this case the battery compartment is incredibly easy to access as is the case with most full stocks you’d simply flip down this piece here which is an incredibly simple mechanism just a little bit hard to do in cold weather with thick gloves hence why I did it before I started filming and at that point you will reveal your small type connector inside battery space is pretty plentiful so you can easily store a large battery inside this aegs fire selector switch is not ambidextrous and is located only on the left side of the gun it’s your standard m4 style selector with the standard three settings safe semi and auto each of the settings is painted on a nice bright white paint rather nicely and its basic selector switch really nothing to complain about doesn’t slip between settings and does require a little bit of force to move so it won’t be wiggling on its own good quality selector all right now moving ordered and features to this guns magazine ejection is very simple simply pushing on the standard m4 style mag release located on the right side of the gun and the mag will drop out now you’re included magazine as a standard 300 round high-capacity m4 magazine as I mentioned earlier this thing is constructed of plastic it’s a bit of a cheaper quality plastic than the rest of the gun as you can see I dropped it a little bit earlier and there’s even a small little dent in the side of it it works like any other high cap you filled up via the trap door at the top bb’s would feed to the top and obviously you would want via the gear down at the bottom basically it’s just your standard m4 high cap it feeds all right in your gun I’m a prefer of mid caps however now I preferences set aside when you go ahead to reinsert this high cap you put it in like any other m4 magazine make sure you hear that locking click sound to let you know it’s actually in and not going to drop out when it’s in the mag well there’s a little bit of wobble but really nothing to complain about hey the biggest advantage of this m4 style aeg is the fact that it can take em for magazines which are pretty abundant on airsoft fields nowadays now the four crls iron sights are flip up currently flip down if you were a tax we flip them up this is what they would look like now the guns rear sight is just a rather tall open hole site aperture that is adjustable for windage via this dial on the side it is meant to line up with your front sight which in turn is an enclosed sight post it is adjustable for elevation overall the iron sights in this gun are pretty accurate to it and they do get the job done however it seems like we’re overlooking kind of a big thing about the four crl and that will be this guns rather long top rail in conjunction with its Ras handguard overall I do love these customizable features on this m4 because like I stated you can customize it you can make this gun just not another m4 you can do what you want to it you have that big top rail to make use of a nice optic you get the side rails for say a flashlight or laser and you know we’re pretty long bottom rail for either a foregrip probably more practical or say a stubby grenade launcher if you did want to try that out on the bottom overall customization always a plus in my opinion so naturally I do love the RS handguard on this end for now the four crls charging handle does of a function if I were to pull it back as you can see dust cover would drop down revealing your hop-up unit also activating your functional bolt catch now suming in on your actual hop-up unit is that rather large black gear located inside there is pretty large that’s pretty convenient because let’s say it is colder weather out like it is now I’ve got bigger gloves on I can still be able to fit my figure in there in order to adjust my hop-up how effective is this hop up though well we’re about to put that to the test in our performance task force from the video but let’s say you finish adjusting your hop-up how do you shut that bolt catch well you would go ahead and give this button to push and at that point the dust cover with snapshot and after that kind of disappointing clack there when i hit the bolt release i think we’re all pretty hyped up for an exciting performance test so that being said let’s go ahead head over to another area of the field not only chrono but also take a few shots at a target with this AEG and see how it performs so let’s get going for the chrono force in the video I loaded up the magazine with point2 gram Vivi’s and also installed an 11-point 1 volt lipo just to test out in these coldest conditions for what we saw with the FPS portion of the video we saw about 390 to 395 feet per second rather consistently I certainly do have to wind the mag quite a bit of a neat semi-auto shot though less annoying when it came to rate of fire with the 11.

1 volt lipo we obviously saw an incredibly high rate of fire are about 1,200 rounds per minute and as you can see later that will convert into about 20 rounds per second 11.1 volt lipo we’re seeing exactly what we’d expect a much higher rate of fire probably on a standard 96 you baby cf14 15 rounds per minute which browse per second which really necessarily wouldn’t be too bad either so overall good rate of fire especially on that 11-1 lipo for the accuracy test portion the video we took aim at our classic lawn chair target from about 120 feet away loads it up with point 25 grand beanies kept that original 11.

1 volt lipo used for the chrono and adjusted our pop-up semi-automatically saw a little bit more sporadic accuracy i noticed that kind of at the beginning every other shot one would hit the target one would drop quite a bit short of the target cells a little weird kind of funky hop up on semi-auto but towards the end kind of cleared out a little bit the VBS became a little bit straighter a little bit sporadic though full auto really no sporadic anything all those bees came directly into contact with the target excellent accuracy on full auto especially with that lipo using one of those I’m certainly firing on full auto so the accuracy besides a little bit of issues on semi was pretty good overall alright so with those final shots being fired we can go ahead and hop it in the final conclusion of this video review overall bottom line I did like the elite force for crl quite a bit however there were three things that didn’t necessarily care for one I can live with and that’s the fact that this piece on the stock of the weapon here that you actually open up to access your battery compartment is a little bit of a pain especially in the colder weather aside from the first time I did have to use a knife each time on to remove the battery to prop that thing open because it was just almost impossible with my very cold finger so that was a little bit annoying that it’s so tight in the back otherwise the hop-up I found wasn’t that great which is kind of typical of emperors semi-automatically saw a lot of sporadic pneus and off camera had a couple double feeds a lot of just suddenly dropping out of the barrel stuff like that you know the accuracy on semi was okay in the shooting test but the hop-up overall and was yeah you know not exactly the greatest thing in the world but you know typical of an m4 the most thing I hated the most probably was this high cap like I said it’s made of a cheaper plastic dented when I dropped it slightly earlier and also the fact that if you watch the chrono I had to wind this thing constantly every single shot so if you’re in a game and you’re not whining this the whole time there’s a chance you could just be shooting a few shots on semi and the next thing you know you’re out of bb’s because you’re not paying attention to the magazine so this thing requires constant winding my recommendation when you first get the gun make sure you clean out that outer barrel maybe get rid of some of those chances for hop-up issues and also get yourself some mid caps or a nice big old fat magg high cap or something like that because this one sucks otherwise though I did enjoy the gun it’s built solidly large battery compartment I like that and for magazine compatibility is huge and also you have the customization options plus performance wise if you’re looking for a nice woodland field m4 sila eg you got 400 FPS coming out of this thing and on an 11-point 1 volt lipo a pretty high rate of fire as expected and an excellent accuracy rate on that full auto function so overall the performance of the aeg wasn’t necessarily bad a couple things of the hop-up that you probably want to clean up right away with a quick swab of the inner barrel and just replace the mag I think you got a customizable solid and four here so that being said guys this has been spotted hog airsoft review of the elite force for crl it’s a solid gun I just hate that high cap


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