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Elite Force 1911 A1 Tactical C02 Airsoft Gun Review

Elite Force 1911 A1 Tactical C02 Airsoft Gun Review

what’s going on guys crazy antsy man here to take a look at the 8/4 1911a1 tactical co2 blowback pistol and I know what you’re thinking why do I have three of them sitting out in front of me if I’m going to review one gun well it’s quite simple this one is the original 1911 a1 pistol that are reviewed so we’re going to reference this to the difference of the tactical and also if you want to see the chrono and shooting video I’m not going to do it all in this because they’re basically the same thing just a little different slide little different colors so annotations on the top of the screen or link is in the description if you want to see the chrono and shooting test this one here is the one that elite force sent me and this one here is a very special one-of-a-kind autographed SS airsoft Kim roll 1911 a1 tactical that’s right this is a one-of-a-kind custom autograph for me and I know there’s a lot of Emeril fans out there and if you don’t know who she is she works in the front of ss airsoft she’s probably the most popular person at ss airsoft and you can see she even signed the pistol itself so some one-of-a-kind 1911 tactical Kim role Edition and all you fans all you Kim fans shoot me an email I might put this on eBay or something I’m sure it will fetch a few thousand dollars because she’s got many many many fans all over the world so anyways all seriousness let’s get right to it the 1911 a1 tactical like I said pretty much the same as us we’ll compare them side-by-side in a minute you want to get a user manual very good manual as usual from the leaf force you get some propaganda about their bb’s what’s in their mag best BB you can get the two five and two eight BIOS shoot fantastic I love this the two eight bio is one of my favorites in this gun get a warranty registration card you get the yellow card it says do not return to your dealer this has a 60-day warranty and if anything goes wrong with it in your sixty day warranty period you send it right back to the Umarex USA Elite Force Factory in Arkansas and we’ll take care of it for you which is a huge huge plus Ian Allen wrench to put the co2 cartridge in and then obviously the gun itself all right now the externals of a gun as you can see two-tone color it’s got a metal frame metal slide you have fourteen millimeter counter clockwise threads on it here is your slide release magazine release it’s got the slide lock which is on both sides of this gun it’s also got the beaver tail safety skeletonized trigger and hammer lanyard loop take the magazine out you’ve got a fourteen round magazine this is co2 power like I said takes a 12mm co2 cartridge that’s what the allen wrench is for so you can get these in there and you’ll get about four four or five magazines worth per cartridge because of the blowback the high recoil on this thing and the good FPS so you get about four or five mags full per cartridge does have the tactical rail under here and then you can see when we compare it side-by-side with the 1911 there’s not a whole lot of difference the slides a little different you got the combat sights this one just has a regular blade rear sight on it this one’s got the white combat sights you got different different grooves here on the front and back of the slide this one only has them on the rear this one does not have the skeletonized trigger or hammer and then the beaver tail safety on this one is just smooth with the beaver tail safety on the 1911 TAC has got a little texture on it and it’s also got a little more recess to it and that’s about it same magazine pretty much the same performance out of these guns the pen it’s just a great all-around gun I really like this thing do it from the side it’s just really you know like I said in the video on the original the kick is what got me the first time I fired it that’s what when I did that I was like that’s the pistol I want to use cuz that thing is awesome so the 1911a1 tactical just adds that extra element it really looks nice kicks nice performance is nice watch the other video check out your local dealer if you want to buy one or maybe give the call give Kim a call down at ss airsoft I’m sure she’ll sell you went over the phone because they are an authorized elite force dealer as well but 1911a1 tactical or the regular 1911a1 can’t go wrong either way elite force definitely the way to go through the market for co2 pistol


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