Home Airsoft Loadouts Element T1 Red/Green Dot Scope | Review Deutsch – English Subtitle

Element T1 Red/Green Dot Scope | Review Deutsch – English Subtitle

Element T1 Red/Green Dot Scope | Review Deutsch – English Subtitle

Hello my name is Bruce and welcome to the BB2K Airsoft Channel. today it is a little quieter. today no “peng” peng” or “puff” “puff” today is no shooting I’ll show you something different Airsoftpeak.com .

.. here the logo from the shop in china. airsoftpeak have asked me if I wanted to make a review for them. I accepted. I was pleased. An honor for me that a Shop from foreign countries requesting me. I was allowed to choose me something.

and Bruce’ve chosen something 🙂 I have chosen: The AIM-O Element T1 Red/Green Dot Sight which is a replica of the Aimpoint Mirco T1 and this i show you today a little bit closer. The sight is made entirely of metal Lenght: 80mm and height: 70mm It comes also with a short Mount.

I show you the scope of delivery: It comes in that box with a cleaning cloth, tools and protective caps. the caps can be easily removed and refit the sight has a quick release. I will show you how it works.

the sight has optionally a red or a green dot. adjustable via this wheel. each color has 5 levels of brightness. “G” stands for green. the next steps now activate the green dot. 5 brightness levels. The next click is then “R” “R” stand for the red dot.

with red, it behaves exactly like green. Here you can see the adjustment screws. you can adjust elevation and windage. The screws are protected by caps. I screw it off for you. you see the pins on the cap? The cap fits on the screw and is used to adjust required.

the adjusting screw makes a solid impression. There will be no problems with GBB (faulty adjustment by Recoil) When the setting is finished then you put back the caps on it and you ready to go. the sight requires power.

It Operating By 3V CR2032 Battery x 1 (Included). I find a great replica of Aimpoint Micro T1. if you’ve always wanted a T1Sight, the element T1 seems to be exactly the right. I will show you how the T1 looks mounted.

Here on a example with a Marui P90. as I said a quick release. Place in position, “klack” and ready. Now you can play with a red dot 🙂 that looks good and you can look good 🙂 perfect for SMG like MP7, MP9 etc.

that looks great by brightnesses adjustmentand the antireflection optical you find easy the right setting for you. I’m really pleased Now comes the most important question: How much is the Element T1? In the airsoftpeak shop it costs $58,99 I saw it was reduced to $50.

14 (not know how long) in euro between 41 and 43 euro. Plus customs. i think 9 euro. So I guess for Germany 50 – 54 Euro. If you buy from airsoftpeak, the shipping is free. But you must wait between 3-4 week on delivery.

compares the prices with your shops. i put the productlink in my video description for you. take a look to the airsoftpeak shop. it seems to be good. if it goes well. Airsoftpeak will send me more products to review for you.

am curious what’s coming. that was my review of the AIM-O Element T1 red/green dot. I hope you liked it and my first review of an optic was not too stupid. you are welcome to write your criticism or suggestions in the comments.

I have strong nerves and a lot of handkerchiefs for the tears 🙂 I’m out. Do it well. Bruce


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