Guys, the Airsoft is impressive You see all this people in the photos and videos and you feel like “This is amazing. I’m totally joining one of this games” But today I’m here to tell you that all of this is, depending of how you look at it, a bit false And everything you could see in this video, is not so real I’ve been thinking while I was editing this I like to learn something with every video But I guess that most of you don’t care about my thoughts and for the long talking we already have RandomEsPoco channel so.

.. Here is the game, and we’ll talk later We have 3 missions, ok? You must try to loot the enemy storage point Your storage point is here Next to the wooden stall, behind the fence You have 27 cans With a yellow tap, don’t let the enemy steal your cans The enemy will try to take your cans to their storage point, behind the truck They will have 27 more cans there Other team must take the “biohazard” containers Inside the swimming pool there are some containers 6 in total You must take only 3, and take them to your storage point And another command.

.. this is what Kenny and his guys like Give it to someone who has more common sense You have 3 smoke grenades inside, ok? Place one in the transition bar other inside the truck Place it and fire it, don’t fire and throw it This way you can open and manipulate it 27 cans to take, also search containers inside the swimming pool with the metal detector and also place the smoke grenade in 3 points Where you going? -Upstairs We will cover their fallback The mission you’re supporting is the smoke We will take the terrace first And where are you goign? -Chopter -Cans and storage area, alright Not yet Ok, one teammate is inside! With me! First smoke is done! We’re holding position guys! Xisco we’re falling back! Are you searching it? With the shovel? The detector is not working Charlie, how you doing honey? -Bably He’s down Terrace is ok? Ok enemies down! The enemies in the front are down If they fall we move! Ok enemy down! Good job guys, keep going! Contacts behind the truck We must take that cans here One down, move! Nice one enemy down! Another one on the left! It’s ours! Right Keep going, one more One more! Enemy down More movement! Enemy behind the truck right flank, I can’t see him We must take the cans from the other side and store them in our point I saw the palce, 20 m forward.

Will be hard Enemy down! Open and take the flank! -Take the right! Keep going 5 meters more! I’ll take the truck. -Ok Enemy down, keep moving! 5 meters more! Keep going! I’m in Tangos incoming! Good, good.

Very good Someone check the 6, right doors We start the extraction guy! Go! GRS, we’re moving to help in the swimming pool! Few cans left, go go guys! I need to take some air. -Good one mate! Reloading Hurry up! They’re getting stronger! Enemies down! You still have ammo? How many smokes left? -We placed the 3 smokes already We must just take the cans Once you get the cans we’re over with the missions! You also have the containers? -Yes Wait for my cover and move Wait, wait! Last can! Cans, containers and smokes complete! N1 M8 You ok with ammo? Ok, I guess now we must defend so they can’t steal our goods Shit, I didn’t check the time when we started.

Did you? Ok Rufus, shall we take positions inside? maybe we should take the helicopter You cover 12 Rufus to Walon, do you copy? Contact with GRS. -My radio is not working. -Then find a way to contact You have an extra mission Did you hear that Rufus? Let’s find them This is Rufus, we need to contact GRS Additional mission You must go upstairs and search 3 missiles with yellow tape Take the missiles to the storage point Inside the stand you’ll find a box with something to fill the missiles Open the box, fill the missiles and take them to the truck Roger that.

-You must put the missiles inside the truck I repeat. We go upstairs, take the 3 missiles to the stand Fill them and take them to the truck We meet in the old bar in front of our respawn We’ll move from there This happens when you finish your homework before the dead line GRS we’re meeting in front the old bar Copy, we’re waiting for you and ready to go I didn’t see much contact, just outside.

I hav eno idea where the hell are they I guess they’re doing a mission somewhere in the dancefloor Last man I have a bad feeling, I see no one No missiles here Mise, where did you see contact? We didn’t see shit They’re sleeping.

-Nothing Here, it’s here! -Found Must take them to the storage point He was alone We must find a way to go down Shotgun, we’ll go this way ok? The exit is right here. -Yes you’re right Run, run! Go Benja, you’re getting out of here! Who has the other missiles? GRS, did you got the missiles? I think we must go back You must fill the missiles here Find something inside.

-Just check inside the box Just inside the box, open here There is a problem, it doesn’t fit inside the box Can you use your hands? Ok guys we’re taking positions This is the extra mission What is it? Dog food? -I don’t know dude Benja, how many missiles we have here? -We must get 3, we have 2 here.

We need 1 more I think LTF have the other one, the were taking the other stairs It’s full! -Ok, we can’t count with them if they are not here Give the the cover Ok, we will wait to have the 3 missiles, then take them to the truck We lost one of the missiles, search in the small room upstairs Shall we go? -I think so Ok, we’re taking the left ok? Right flank is hot! We’ll be back later! We must wait to get the 3 missiles Ok, 2 missiles ready Enemy down I cover, you go up We must go upstairs and take the missile Yellow going upstairs Why it’s not here? Fuck! -Maybe they took it Benja But I don’t know who took it Let’s find it GRS, we have 2 of the 3 missiles One is lost.

One of us must have it, the enemy can’t touch it Find who got that missile It was lost during the extraction, we don’t know who took it This is Rufus, how you doing with the last missile? You need one more, then take them to the truck We must wait for the 3 missiles, we don’t have much time! Where are they dude? You stay here and we go out? -Ok We can’t find it? -I know where it is You know where is it? -Yes! Left window! Left window he said Wait, I think I know where Rufus said the missile is on the left window There’s nothing on the left window He’s here Rufus, where is the- fuck! Ok we’re going down Guys we have the last missile! We must control the area! I’ll extract it Cassius give us cover, we’re moving Go downstairs, this area is clear Truck area is hot Move, move! Shall I take this door or the next one? Take the second door and then go up.

-Yes, take the safe way They are going down here, they have the missile Cassius I have the last one! Keep controling the area! We must take the missiles to the truck Ok, load it! -We’re filling it! We must take positions to the truck It’s full! Cover it and move! Ok, do your best.

You have 10 seconds left I’ll take one! -Run, run! You ran for it uh? Well played I had to run faster, and you too We were licky you told us where the missile was. It was in front of us I was tired but all like “hey I’m going there and take it” My god Kenny, it was crazy I was doing some boom boom with the 40mm Yes the bastard was enjoying it Every single guy who was trying to take the bar.

.. BOOM It was fun when we were upstairs and we heard the 40mm spreading “Kenny we’re here!” Kenny it’s us! Friends! Everything bounding around, they rest in pieces Ok, this is what I think Did you notice that we almost achieved all the missions without problems? We almost finish an extra mission It might seem like my team was playing really good Maybe the other team was sleeping a bit, I don’t know That’s a bit relative and I don’t even know what happened It’s like a false victory feeling, right? I must start saying that normally, as far as I know and maybe I’m being too correct by saying this the Airsoft players don’t give a fuck about winning or loosing They care about trying and do their best If this is true, this hobby is impressive But I mean, this is not a competition, we’re not winning anything What matters is having fun and that your gear is working well since you spent much money on it But let’s be honest, finishing the morning achieving the missions and doing brofist with your mates makes you go home happier It happens, and the referees in this field know it well We must admit that the referees do a great job But now i realized that I was not hit in all the video And we were moving all round the field without problems Ok, maybe it was a coincidence What is going on here? In this field there are different game modes I will share you a video in our secondary channel Where you can see we were playing the dommination mode and we were being dominated by the enemy The missions you watched on this video are made for the enjoyment The enemy has objectives Sometimes they must steal your goods, and it creates the engagement But other objectives are in places where maybe you don’t need to control in your mission It’s like if everyone is winning in some way And that is nice for a sunday’s casual game I think the referees are doing a good job with it, but I needed to tell you about it I started the video saying that you’ll see something that is false in some way I don’t mean what I filmed, you just watched takes from a real game for fun But I’m talking about the experience itself An Airsoft video has a lot of cut scenes everything looks more frenetic and I also put music on it because I try to make it look like a movie more than a real thing You must know that not all the Airsoft games are good I don’t edit the video of the bad games because I think it would be really boring And that is what I think If you’re planning to start in Airsoft you must know that the game is not always so good, ok? So, the reflection I was talking about is that the Airsoft is not like in the videos? No, that was just a reminder The reflection on it, is that when you try it and it’s you who is inside the role it’s even better (Thank you for watching the video.



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