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Echo1 M14 Airsoft Gun Review

Echo1 M14 Airsoft Gun Review

hey Warhawk 9000 here to show you one of my favorite airsoft guns this is the echo 1 and 14 this is what the box looks like it’s on specifications of the gun alright let’s open it want to open the gun box this is whether it’ll come with it’ll come with a large type 8.

4 volt twelve hundred million battery a standard of wall charger some tools I’ll explain to you what they are for in a little bit and two magazines the magazines are four hundred hi-cap mag and the gun let’s get this the box styrofoam get this other box oh it also comes with the jamming unclean rod alright the gun is the artificial wood is plastic the but everything else is metal like the charging handle is metal the barrel is metal the trigger trigger guard they’re all metal the internists internals of this gun are metal as well this some features of the gun some writing the selector switch and this gun is this right here like right now it’s on semi-auto and so it turn it like that it’s full auto the to put the magazine in what’s that what you want to do is put it at an angle and it’ll click in place the gun shoots at around 365 FPS with a point to grandbaby to insert the battery what you want to do is go right here in the back of the stock flip this up and flip this down and you’ll see the connectors now one thing is that because this is a big battery in the stock is kind of small it’s quite difficult to put it to put the battery in so what I did was purchased a small battery now and then you’re saying wait a minute this is a large type connector and this is the small one is a small type connector well I also purchased the gng connector set disconsolate the little extensions that would allow you to connect the large connector to a small connector so I’m going to show you here see this one this one get the this one it’s small to large there you go see him you got a small type with a large type connector inside I have to suffer trying to put the battery in all right with some extra things that I got with this gun was a scope and scope mount already above one before one I’ll show you that the this is for the magazine to wind up the magazine alright and I’ll show you this why what is this for in a little bit all right the scope mount comes with the scope mount and some tools this in order to put the scope mount on what you want to do is grab the allen key so the way and remove this but unscrewing it all right now that it’s out of the way screw this one on thanks Q right on no it’s tighten up I’d see all right now that’s it’s wrong tight put this on this little one goes here kind of hard to do with one hand but bear with me and this one the long ones longer line goes in the back all right there is the scope mount and then I got see standard scope all right put scope on kind of quite easy unscrew to the this right here almost got it all right there you go and there is the m14 with the scope on now I can use it as a sniper or assault rifle so there it is the m14 with the scope alrighty then um please comment rate and subscribe thank you


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