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ECHO Team: airsoft Tac Gear loadout “Ghost”

ECHO Team: airsoft Tac Gear loadout “Ghost”

hey this is ghost with a coercive and today I’m going to go through a tactical load out of what i’m using let’s first start with my primary i’m shooting a ignite black ops m4 viper and on that I’ve got a tasco red dot which I just got today and I love it um the unfold I / is a very good weapon shoots fast it’s hard and it’s got the six-point stock a 850 million battery which comstock because I’m going to upgrade and I’m move on to my next piece of equipment I have a utg drop leg holster it’s a very solid holster I like it I crawled dropped on it and it’s done everything to it and it still want to gather my sidearm is a fire power glock 18 and this co2 power non blowback and on top of that all on my weapon I have a pro tech personal defense light where it comes in two different modes and normal and stroke which i’m using the strobe we can move on to my vest i’m using a utg tactical enforcement best you can hold two mags / pouch it’s got two pistol couches a pepper spray pouch and a flashlight pouch which on the why you need pepper spray and it comes with a crossbow holster on the side which I barely even used another piece of equipment i’m using is a field line tactical edition backpack which I just got today and I’ve played a few games with it and it’s very comfortable and I really like it did you get it you can get at walmart moving on to my gloves I have realtree AP under armour gloves they be there someone protect my hands and they keep me from getting blisters on my hands somewhere now I’m handling my weapons um moving onto my face mask it’s a ghost bottled up from airsoft megastore it steep and it really made a really good material another piece of [ __ ] i’m using is my operator hat with my reversed American flag ghost custom brought that from airsoft megastore um overall it’s a pretty big pretty beginner loadout which I’m getting more equipment like my sling another drop leg holster here or a drop leg mag pouch for more than 16 rounds or armaan 16 Maddox and there’s my loadout for ghosts from echo airsoft I will be having more videos of more my teammates of their law doubts and I become decent thanks


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