Home Airsoft Reviews Echo 1 PSR Sniper Rifle (VSR-10) Review

Echo 1 PSR Sniper Rifle (VSR-10) Review

Echo 1 PSR Sniper Rifle (VSR-10) Review

what’s going on airsoft Atlanta TV today we’re going to be taking a look at the echo 1 PS our sniper rifle the PSR is echo ones version of the vsr-10 so when it comes down to the functionality of this weapon is pretty straightforward and very simple to operate the magazine is going to be on the bottom up front button release magazine push it in and then to fire it simply pull the bolt back and make sure it’s in the fire and there you go hop-up adjustment is very straightforward and very easy there’s this little slider on the left side of the weapon just push it forward and slide it back to adjust your hop-up accordingly making in the field adjustments very quick and very easy so this is a really good sniping platform as far as compatibility is concerned vsr10 parts work in this magazines internal parts we also do have the Action Army kits that fit right in and really cool coming up in the near future will be the Wolverine bolt kit and that will fit right in here to mounting or any standard rifle scope is pretty easy on this thing just I have a scope pre loosened all I do is I line up the grooves and the bolt that goes through then I just tighten them down like so if I want to go in and mechanically tighten them and make sure that’s definitely not going anywhere I can but there you go so pretty much any kind of scope on the top of the weapon really easy to do range time you boys and girls I’m gonna need your help I need you to say sniper no sniping all right so here we go ready one two three sniper no sniping sniper no sniping sniper no sniping no it worked great job kids for more information on the echo 1 PSR as well as the rest of the echo 1 line stop your airsoft atlanta calm well you know where to go


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