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Dutch Woodland Camo (CUSTOM) Loadout

Dutch Woodland Camo (CUSTOM) Loadout

hello guys creative soldier here and today i’m doing a review on my army loadout so when as you can see it’s a dutch loadout and it’s pretty awesome so yeah i’m doing this video because i want to enter a contest and yeah by that okay start off with the vests so here’s the main uniform it’s just a normal jacket with a tactical vest on it it has some mag pouches on it for an m16 or g36c it has a multi-tool slang for when I’m on the field it has a little walkie-talkie appear flashlight some grenade pouches some other magazines Ang’s now I’ll get to tactical vest of it so yeah that’s a tactical vest from the back yeah so to the jacket oh yeah first I have a little belt up here with some field bottle with some water in it you see here’s a yeah just a pocket for something to put inside so that’s just a belt also here’s a jacket it has some pouches for f4 got some stuff here test some from the ranks little [ __ ] it up here yeah here’s some man hand signs you can put on there’s also a little thing for rangs yeah to the end side you can see it’s just normal jacket so it’s a dutch loadout it’s not us or something like that so touch ok um the band’s also got some pouches on here it’s a yeah you can it’s a sort of belt inside yeah okay the shoes these are real army shoes I used there a little bit older birth okay yeah so and when I’m on the field sometimes I’m going to be a sniper at my g36c it’s really an awesome gun with a silencer on it and yet so when I’m a sniper one to feel i reared escape it’s just a ghillie Cape I made on myself it’s a custom sign yeah most times I put it on a jacket and here’s the head I made that myself too so yeah and do the hat where here’s a little sign for your mouth a little yeah here’s the Glocks and a helmet it’s pretty camouflaged helmet so yeah use a little yeah thnkx on your head also then I have an old backpack some stuff inside here’s a shovel with a shovel back here are some BBS there was some beanies and our emergency sign use a knife and here is some eat stuff for some yeah my handgun be not be okay there’s a camouflage sign over there yep so that was pretty much my loadout hope you liked it please comment rate and subscribe yeah and by


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