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Driving Airsoft BBs Faster than the Fastest Bullet – Must see!

Driving Airsoft BBs Faster than the Fastest Bullet – Must see!

okay what do you got there all right we’re gonna try one of those airsoft aluminum bb’s again we’re gonna run okay hopefully the chrono is going to behave okay I’m ready oh wow what we get five thousand two hundred sixty six feet per second oh okay let me zoom in on that that’s amazing broke it there’s our hard drive several layers of aluminum went through the didn’t go through it’s a tough pretty tough drive shot number two I am ready or to 93 okay 12 grains okay I’m ready whoo yeah whoo Oh ah what is a plaster gummy bear that’s cool man okay I’m ready when you are oh right in the head I think I’m ready whenever you are oh very good very good oh well I think that’s done I don’t think we can put him back together again yeah hit right on the his paw right there wow he was fun while it lasted though yeah not as resilient as a gummy bear no gummy gummy take me no it’s just oh okay that’s a good target though that look gay to begin with a slug or something just nothing left it there here we see Danny inspecting the launch tube all these parts we actually bought on eBay and I want to thank our patreon for you know giving us some funds so we could actually build this as vice didn’t cost very much we used a 357 a 2 12-gauge adaptor and an eight millimeter stainless steel tube it’s kind of thin while it’s only got a one millimeter thick wall on it and that gives us a 6 millimeter inside diameter the problem is we’re developing pressures so high that the tube sorry to expand slightly so that’s why our velocities tapered off the more we shot it I think we reached our speed limitations at least for that powder and I think to develop any higher velocities I think we’d have to go to a even faster burning powder maybe even like a maybe even something like a flash powder but again our limitations is the wall thickness of our launch tube I don’t know how much pressure it can actually hold but that’s really our limitation if we had a thicker wall barrel maybe even a longer barrel we could develop over 6,000 feet per second actually hit Mach 5 you know that’d be pretty interesting anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you for watching


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