Home Airsoft Reviews DPMS Panther Arms M4 CARBINE (FULL METAL) –Airsoft Review

DPMS Panther Arms M4 CARBINE (FULL METAL) –Airsoft Review

DPMS Panther Arms M4 CARBINE (FULL METAL)   –Airsoft Review

hey gosh what’s up guys today I’m doing a review on the Panther Army DPMS Panther Arms m4 carbine fullmetal assault rifle this is an airsoft rifle basically I’ve been looking on YouTube and and whatever when I was thinking about buying this gun I just I couldn’t find any any reviews or anything about this gun that really made any any sense or that I gave a [ __ ] about so no more good basically when we get down to it if you look up Panther arms usually find that Walmart crap that people carry I teach the kids on the review act like idiots so I wanted to show you guys a review of the to them that the full metal commercial grade the heavy type you know the good assault rifle these ones are normal retailing these was 249 they were running a special and I got it from 99 bucks now I do have some attachments and stuff like that and none of those are included this was a tactical version of it so does come with the RS rails already on these grips here came with those so basically let’s get down to the metal and plastic guys mostly metal gun now when you get a tactical version of a assault rifle it usually has the full stock on the back and that’s always usually going to be DBS plastic you know some kind of tough plastic so we’ll start here at the butt end of the gun it is a BBS plastic it when things really tough this is where your 8.

4 volt battery goes now you can’t fit up to a 9.6 in this you get a higher battery though you want to get a you know better gearbox this is a full steel gearbox you can see that I also have my red dot side on here and I also have a tactical flashlight factor flashlights just a button on the top to use it that’s pretty much it for my attachments it is full metal upper body full my lower body show your guards mental triggers metal your barrel it’s full metal now I put a metal flash hider on this it comes with a plastic orange one and it depends on which state you’re in or where you live whether or not you can have a metal black one most people have to have more in from other than reserve you don’t have to have that here you can have a black one your clip where your clip stock goes into that’s all metal this is all like it’s not it’s like a pop metal guys it’s like it’s not exactly the same melt they use on a real rifle it won’t hold up under that kind of pressure with the pressure that these guns have and any kind of drop damage it’ll it’ll hold up through all that this gun is 420 FPS out of the box without any upgrades let me get you some clothes and I’ll show you some stuff on so on the gun you basically have your little warning this is not a toy blah blah blah blah blah okay over here it is engraved where it says semi-auto and safe that is engraved into your weapon now it was not white I used whiteout to paint that to make it look more realistic you got your BBS plastic it is these were all engraved and already white for your Ras reels it’s your your numbering on tactical flashlight metal barrel it’s guys set up for a two point sling already three point sling guys on the if you’re not familiar with the slings in Third Point just fix onto the stock of the gun so you won’t need another point for that I tactical laser that I added let me flip the gun over here and I’ll show you the other side that is your logo for DPMS panther arms now I’ve never seen nobody else would really show me that logo and so I figured I’ll show it on here safe again on this side some graves I painted it got your hand grip now guys I’m gonna show you real quick one thing I did not like about this gun and I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to fix it I read and play with it too much yet but look at this movement here that is all your movement in your you know in your grip and it moves right up here at the top see that now I don’t know if they all do that or not I mean it’s sturdy and it can still hold the weight but I just don’t know how to get that movement out here’s your live action here see if I can get a better view of it live action get you on the other side of the water and see how that opens you it opens your gear box and there’s your hop-up in there okay you get your dust cover like that mine’s missing the clip it came like that from ordering for about five bucks you can get into a clip for it which it’s not a big deal because that thing always needs to be open pretty much okay so I’m gonna take you outside for a field demonstration now and I’ll show you how to gun shoot I’ll show you both weapons I’ll have a plate view and a tactical view so you can see you know what what kind of damage it does and you can see how I’m firing the weapons alright


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