Home Airsoft Cheaters Double Eagle M85 G36 Electric BB Airsoft Gun With Silencer

Double Eagle M85 G36 Electric BB Airsoft Gun With Silencer

Double Eagle M85 G36 Electric BB Airsoft Gun With Silencer

the following review is brought to you by GPB dance UK a website www.cpsc.gov you K this is the better of you on the double eagle m85 g36 s on gun with silencer approximate FPS with this is 200 to 300 years accuracy this is very good okay so at one stage you’re getting me to reload your magazine now to do this you simply take the magazine release catch right here push it towards the magazine and then slide the mag out then you simply take the reloader which is provided with the gun in the box put some bb’s in the top here then hold against the opening on the magazine then take the rod which is also provided and just push down on the BBS like so and take both things out the CDP bees at the top of the magazine now all that’s left to do is reinsert back into the gun and you’ve just reloaded the mag it’s that simple this gun features a working safety catch it’s located on the left-hand side of the gun when it’s pushed all the way up it’s unsafe when you push it down one notch it’s on semi and then if you put it down all the way it’s on full this will fire about 400 rounds per minute this gun also features the adjustable hop-up unit it’s located on the right hand side of the gun when you pull the hop towards the rear and gives you more gives you less hop the entire weapon is made of an ABS plastic which is slightly textured and feels very soft you’re s often comes with iron sights attached it has the flip up and flip down site at the rear you have your normal sight here and then when you flip it over you have your precision sight you use that in conjunction with the front pin sight here this gun comes with a vast amount of accessories and extra features you have from here use this simply twist the bottom part and you can slide it on and off next up you have a sound so to attach this simply unscrew and then screw on side very easy to change as previously mentioned it also comes with the speed reload and it also comes with nice sling the special feature this has is this folding stock to use the folding stock you simply pushing the button here and that’s going to slide right around like so and then to put the stock back into his normal position simply lift up slightly and then swing out other items are purchasing from cheaply begins okay first things first high protection is it’s essentially preventing all types of my own conditions next up point 12 or the point to ground ammunition both are available on the website and lastly if you want to improve your accuracy William Marcus which is you should consider purchasing one of the steel targets also on the website this has been the review on the double eagle m85 g-46 airsoft gun with silencer it’s on the web site at www.



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