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Dominating at Combat Outpost – CQB Airsoft Gameplay [CC]

Dominating at Combat Outpost – CQB Airsoft Gameplay [CC]

Marshall: Domination. This suitcase will be on top of the cross in hall 2 next to hall 3 if you don’t know where this is you’ll see for yourself If the yellow side is up like this, yellow defends and red attacks Team red tries to turn the suitcase This game is about time.

I’ll look at the color facing upward The color facing up is dominating If you drop the suitcase from the cross in your enthusiasm then just put it up there again Me: Georgiana we’ll both run to the cross and we’ll see who makes it Me: We’ll go here.

. ..and here stay low and pass through the little house to the cross so you can turn the suitcase. Georgiana: okay Georgiana: does it start on red? Me: no, it starts without a color facing up. I don’t know who will be faster.

. probably you. We’ll see Me (to Faroek): Georgiana and I’ll run to the cross. If you can take the firing lines passing the little house? Other guy: I am not by myself, am I? Me: No we’ll be running too Faroek: so we have three runners? Me: So you’ll run too? You know they way? Other guy: yeah I know the way Faroek: we’ll need to check left and right.

. Other guy: This will just be painfull. Just go! Me: It’s about who turns the suitcase first Turn the suitcase, turn the suitcase! Me: if you take that line, I’ll take this one.. Me: shall I sacrifice myself? Me: I haven’t seen anyone yet.

. ..oh there’s one of ours over there Me: I’ll go back, I have a cramp in my leg Me: turn turn turn.. just grab it with two hands. Me: nice, good work! Me: better move back Me: better stay here Me: over there is a firing line and over there is a firing line.

You can better stay put (famous last words ..) Georgiana: okay Me: You should hold it upright when turning the wheel (Georgiana uses hi-cap mags) Me: mumbling about ricochet Me: Nice shot! Me: I go low.

. Me: can you give cover fire on the hole on the left? Me: Just missed him Other guy: me too Me: It was the guy with the Dye mask eh? The blue mask Other guy: Yeah but he’s fast eh? Me: Yeah.. Me: Can you give me cover fire? Me: Can you give me cover fire? I’ll rush but they are over they but they are over there so you need to fire over there.

Other Guy: Where? Me: I have to turn (the suitcase) Me: it’s already done Other Guy: It’s on yellow? Me: Yeah Me: So, you have guts.. (haha) Other guy: On the house! (actually funny in Dutch) Me: Big cojones.

. ..one Tango behind you Me: Okay, dead. Tango down Me: it’s on red eh? Me: Window #2, Window #2 Other guy: Tell me when I can go.. Me: I’ll take out the window Me: He’s still in the window Me: 3, 2, 1.

. Go! (too late..) Me: Carefull, I was just watching the window and I was taken out with the first shot. other guy: There is one.. Me: Window #2 other guy: on the long end from hall #1 Me: yeah.

Oh there’s one. Oh one dead. It’s one of us who pushed through (Faroek actually) Me: Window #1, Window #1 Me: Turn it, turn it! Me: suitcase red! suitcase red! Go! Me: behind the cross Me: you can allways try 😉 Me: you can allways try 😉 Me: give me some cover fire please Me: there’s one here, right behind us Me: you don’t need to turn eh.

. (been there, done that) Georgiana: d0h Me: I’ll peek (hard learner..) Me (yelling to the team): There was just one here just now, behind the cross (Faroek saying something I couldn’t understand) Me: I am out of ammo, I’ll run back Me: go ahead.

Window #2, Window #2 Me: go ahead Other guy: I am already here, it’s okay (in the building) Me: yeah, I was just taking care of some firing lines Other guy: fine by me Me: Tango down Me: Cookie.. .

.Easy peasy..


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