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DMR SR25 – M14 EBR | Events – Rajolar – Vinalesa | GoPro | Capsule Airsoft España

DMR SR25 – M14 EBR | Events – Rajolar – Vinalesa | GoPro  | Capsule Airsoft España

Wiset: PLaying BF you can use that sights on the other side, and doing like this Rhoads: MW had it too. -Grey: Yes, but in MW it’s on the other side, doing like this. -Wiset:Left side yes Grey: More comfortable doing it this way.

-Rhoads: Well, pointless to use in Airsoft. -Wiset: Yes indeed. -Grey: Yeah pointless Grey: I want to put this on my vest. -Wiset: It would annoy you there. -Grey: I don’t mind, it would fall if I put it on my arm Rhoads: So you’re playing with this today? It’s heavy.

-Grey: I won’t run much, but it’s cool because I don’t need the sights, I can see the BBs perfectly, I could even fire like this Grey: But I’ll use it till the battery dies Rhoads: So you use the ACOG this close? Even with mask?.

-Wiset: Yeah, it’s in the same position as the other sight Grey: Quite cool this bar here. The upper part is even cooler than the rest. -Rhoads: And lateral RIS to attach whatever you want Grey: But it’s hard to aim with this mask, I can’t even if I put it on my eye Rhoads: It has 3 colors Wiset?.

-Wiset: Yeah. -Grey: RGB Grey: So light compared with the M14, I could even juggle with this but I won’t because it’s not mine Rhoads: You choose the way Grey: Activity on the bottom, near the WC Grey: Got it Rhoads? Tell me when Grey: He’s hidden.

-Wiset: Out! Grey: I think we should spread and flank, let’s avoid this door Rhoads: There. -Grey: Yeah right? Grey: Wiset, cover the door we’ll flank Grey: I feel like carrying an M1 Garand, so long and heavy Rhoads: Door Grey: No range, let’s move Grey: Can you reach that hill? Grey: out!.

Nice one dude, did you get him from that side? Nice one Going for the on on the corner to catch his attention, shoot him too Grey: Oh you’re hit? Nice one Grey: Get inside. ok Grey: Follow him Rhoads Grey: I think it didn’t hit me but nevermind you got me anyway, nice one Rhoads: So comfortable playing without filming.

.. -Grey:I juest need to think this is an M1 Garand to get motivated Grey: Well the Px4 is saving the situation when the transition. Let’s go with Wiset Grey: Here Wiset Wiset: Covering tunnel. -Grey: Care with that wall Rhoads.

-Wiset: Wanna take the tunnel? They’re asking for help. -Grey: Inside tunnel? Ok cover me… Grey: Take the entrances I’ll cover your back, come to that corner. Go, go behing them Wiset: Out! Fuck, that hurts Grey: So here I am, trapped Grey: Out, nice one.

You hit me first, you can stay playing if you want Grey: Out! nice one (friend fire joke) No problem dude Grey: I cover tunnel, do as you can inside there Grey: Bathrooms, with me Rhoads? Grey: Shit! Sorry dude, my fault.

Same team Grey: Cover here, going for the M14 Grey: Ok? Take that corner, tell me when Grey: Can you cover me?. -Player: Sure, you can cross now. -Grey: Thank you Grey: Allies Grey: Contact?. -Rhoads: Yes.

-G: Distance?. -R: 15m Grey: Guys, contact left corner Grey: Out! Nice one. -Player: Too loud, I can hear it. -Grey: Yeah… Grey: Sorry Grey: Dude take this for a moment. -Referee: I don’t think it’s heavy.

.. Grey: I told him “dude, we need to film this M14” Grey: This is making the game, I’m leaving the M14 on the floor all the time, too heavy. This Px4 has good range thou Rhoads: Can’t even hold it dude Rhoads: Some BBs go down.

-Grey: Yeah and up and sides. -R: Too heavy, you should be getting muscled Rhoads: Did you test the ACOG?. -Wiset: I’m ok with it, x4 magnifier, it works well Rhoads: Did you use the top iron sight?. -Wiset: Only once when moving, while keeping an eye to the enemy Rhoads: Which color are you using on the sight?.

-Wiset: It’s off, no need it with this light Referee: Defenders here, respawn here. Attackers’s respawn is here. Both teams can move everywhere Wiset: Go Wiset: Hell yeah Wiset: There. -Player: Right side Wiset: Out Grey: Wiset! Referee: Ok guys! Round finished! Good play gentlemen! 5 minutes to rest and play again! Wiset: Going all to the orange trees?.

-Player: I’d take the hangar. -Wiset: Let’s try Wiset: Out! Damn Wiset: No need to hurry. -Player: No need to hurry, but when I finish playing I really want go home fast, I’m hurry to take my sofa Wiset: And at 14:00 there’s F1 Race on TV.

-Player: Seems like Fernando Alonso is on fire. -W: His girlfriend is hot… Wiset: Wow look at that! Hell yeah. -Player: That’s the orange trees flag!. -Referee: Balls of steel brave! Got a flag on the respawn gentlemen! Wiset: All our team here?.

-Xema: We got them! Bottom! Wiset: Out! I’m doing really bad! Wiset: Nice one Wiset: Out! Rhoads: How was the sniper experience?. -Wiset: It was great. -R: I want to try someday the SR25, and want to try the ACOG on my M4 Rhoads: What about the goggles?.

-Wiset: I’m glad with this, didn’t get any shoot on my nose but I’m happy with this Rhoads: Full protection of the eyes?. -Wiset: Yes, I was worried about it but this gives nice eye protection Wiset: I got no fog at all on my vision, it was worth buying this.

I recommend this Rhoads: And not very expensive. -Wiset: No, just 19€ on the shop Rhoads: I’m more used to the goggles that covers part of the face. -Wiset: But I couldn’t aim the ACOG with the old goggles Wiset: But with this ones It’s better and no fog.

It’s really nice


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