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Direwolf Airsoft – Saint’s Navy SEAL Loadout

Direwolf Airsoft – Saint’s Navy SEAL Loadout

hey guys this is st. from direwolf airsoft again I got a pretty good response the last time when I did my Ranger green loadout video so today I’m going to do this again for some my other gear I’m gonna go over my kind of modern Navy SEAL loadout Rob about 2008 2012 range so here’s just the overview shot and then I’ll jump in and go over all the details alright so now go into kind of more the details of each specific piece we’ll start out with the plate carrier so this is a Vega gear company VGC 6090 for a most of the patches or pouches on there are either real eagle or just unnamed I don’t know this kind of came as a group I have it set up kind of like a breacher kit on the back where I run a single hydro pouch and then have bolt cutters in there on the right side it’s just a mobile whip antenna no function just kind of therefore looks under it if it’s cold I’ll wear the sparrow concepts hand warmer I got it in the deal for 25 bucks so might not throw it on for the clothes I wear all one arrow one and arrow are to combat sets I don’t see the need to buy real precision stuff for that because it’s just way out of my price range for the AR one shirt it’s actually a proper shirt in desert MARPAT so I mean it really gets to look across it’s not going to be noticed if it’s a little different some games I also wear a retention lanyard again just for looks I’m also on the back of the arrow one pants I wear a replica IFAC again just for looks it’s nothing I really put in for my two helmets I either have the FMA maritime there on the left or a replica at another brand Mitch 2001 I set up the FMA maritime to look just like the breachers helmet from zero dark thirty so that’s why the tape is set up like that the night vision obviously is fake I bought it pretty much just to do videos like this it’s not I don’t really play with it or anything and then the mission 2001 is pretty standard set up which I can just use for most games my boots all again where the Solomons or I’ll just wear my desert combat boots they have vents on the side which does help cool me down a little bit more for ear protection I wear replica contacts I don’t have them built into the helmet like my other maritime so this is kind of my other pair can swap out just like last time I use Oakley M frame so the Hilo kit for my eye protection and the mechanics gloves I use them for every loadout then finally we can go over the blasters you’ve seen this before but it has changed a little bit since last time but this is my vfc 416 which I’ve turned into a mark 18 mod 0 and then this is the 416 upper right below it there and that I can swap to make a make a lot of look a little more 2012 Navy SEAL all that kind of stuff that finally I am a tub femur Tokyo Marui 2 to 6 which I use with this little now so that’s it hope you guys enjoy


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