Home Airsoft Loadouts DICAS de como INICIAR no AIRSOFT gastando pouco Dinheiro /AIRSOFT PORTUGAL

DICAS de como INICIAR no AIRSOFT gastando pouco Dinheiro /AIRSOFT PORTUGAL

DICAS de como INICIAR no AIRSOFT gastando pouco Dinheiro /AIRSOFT PORTUGAL

Hey guys from the Airsoft GF channel another video that I brought to you guys I am ROCK and today I brought you a very important video are tips on how to get started with Airsoft without spending a lot of money this tip is for Brazil is for Portugal these tips will be fundamental for you before everything Chubby boy releases the vignette so guys before you start on Airsoft you have to know if this is the sport you want to invest your money in because airsoft is not a sport so expensive but it is also not a cheap sport so you have to know if this is what you want so the tips I give first to know if this is what you want is to contact groups on facebook both in Brazil there are the Brasil Airsoft groups and etc .

.. and here in Portugal if you are from Portugal there are airsoft groups in groups and pages too PT airsoft, PT Bagada and Airsoft Portugal and speaking of Airsoft Portugal I will bring today to the channel one of the page managers and also of the Airsoft Portugal group Miguel Oliveira “Tamo Junto” “How is it” once again we have Miguel Oliveira on the channel who saw the last Specna Arms video that Miguel is also an ambassador participated in the video with us tell us a little bit about the channel guys who don’t know you First of all thanks for the invitation “I thank you” my name is Miguel Oliveira Airsoft game 12 years ago I’m better known by the nickname Homer I’m commander of the Ghost Ops team located on the south bank I am one of the administrators of the Airsoft Portugal page and the group too that focuses, not only on disclosure of National Airsoft as a help of those who are taking the first steps in our sport which is not easy for those who do not know it is not easy and because of that we are bringing this video to you we see many people with doubts many people want to start and there is no help when I started I didn’t have a help I didn’t know anyone i already play airsoft eight years here and had no idea how to start I spent a lot of money I really spent to be able to start because I bought some equipment that was not of quality, that is not worth it I bought equipment that was not suitable for the team that I joined later it happens a lot “It is true” a very important thing in airsoft when we started is research we want to know what we are going to, where we are going the type of equipment we are going to buy research and advice with other more experienced players and the best things we can do there are players and teams that have been in this community for years who already know the brands, know the stores who are in a good position in an excellent position to advise and indicate the right places, most suitable equipment for you to start practicing airsoft and don’t spend a lot of money on equipment afterwards you can stay put sure, “guys calm down” the people who are starting there’s that thing that you want to leave with the equipment go out buying everything and this is one of the worst mistakes is one of the main mistakes of you investing and spending money where you shouldn’t spend and it’s not worth it in the case “no not worth” so to play Airsoft here in Portugal to start you have to be enrolled in an APD yea you need to be enrolled in an ODA for several at national level you must be over 16 with parental consent or 18 years and now let’s take a look at the basic and important material for you to start playing Airsoft and without spending a lot of money, of course.

we will explain why we will not pass other equipment to you we will arrive at each base of the equipment after you have investigated and have known a little more about Airsoft we will explain what you will buy to start without spending a lot of money first of all is Eye protection protective goggles Let’s do something nice for you let’s put the value of each product to know how much will they spend to start so they will have a basis of how much you spend to start what is needed, this will be very cool.

and you will already know look at my investment in airsoft more or less around that before talking about the initial equipment we will explain to you that this is our tip as a practitioner as a player, we are talking about our experience in the sport each has its own each has his vision we are passing on our vision within the sport what have we been through and our knowledge, so that you don’t go through what we went through so first of all goggles you to start, to enter the field .

.. you don’t even have to play airsoft just watch a game, you need a goggle for airsoft Here is the Nuprol goggles costs € 10.95 is a normal glasses for beginners / airsoft I would advise you to buy glasses with the best quality why make a better investment in your goggles? because your vision first which glasses do you wear Miguel? I normally like to bet on quality I don’t like to risk my vision in the slightest because we only have eyes that we have with us and we don’t want to risk it this is part of playing airsoft without spending a lot is money truth because if you lose your vision it will be complicated not that the glasses are not prepared for airsoft but there is no guarantee that better glasses or ballistic glasses can pass to you or better quality glasses I happen to use WileyX glasses, I’ve been wearing them for 2 years I brought the model to show you is the most expensive glasses but my vision is in first place are ballistic glasses The model I use is the ROGUE I have a Review of this model here on the channel if you haven’t seen it you can go there and take a look quality that WileyX brings to airsoft players is huge and for the military are glasses made for the military and for extreme sports I advise WileyX for you who does not want to invest in your vision want to buy quality eyeglasses a better glasses have options, several glasses options this is my recommendation for you in my case I like to bet on glasses with some quality I don’t like to risk so I wear glasses from ESS which is also a brand that manufactures and makes glasses at a military level this certainly will not miss a BB we will not leave badly on the field and we know that we will be safe without any risk but the protective equipment that I recommend to you and advise don’t do like me, I don’t play a mask but here.

. have a broken tooth, broke my tooth, do what … Miguel oliveira do you wear a mask? I wear a mask, especially in CQB urban combat where the probability of getting shot in the face is much higher but there are a lot of players who wear masks in all kinds of games because they don’t like to risk getting marks on their faces it’s not pretty there may be closer shooting accidents or bursts that will leave the player marked do not facilitate BBS leave marks ok I think the equipment is important, right, protective glove, that’s very important for you is also starting because the glove is the people can sometimes take a run in the middle of the game and the first thing we go to the ground when we’re falling but don’t put your hand so I think the equipment is very important, right? fundamental to the lack for the day I like it our bush is very because I don’t think of a smart, it’s very us where to grab the bush to do them something we have peaks in our hands believe it is not good to spend the week with normal spicy is not for that reason the region in the gloves and I will not be triggering value of the 1090 glove the next step we are going to bring here to you guys i will make two lg models for you after i talk about others things but let’s bring a friendship technique is that you model yourself here for you guys because it’s a is a lg that i’ve been using for two years this brand is so much we are even brand ambassadors and it’s a brand that we advise for you if you didn’t see the review the last review we made of specna arms you will to know a little more about the brand and about some of the brand’s internal is so is a is a lg that brings good internal quality to you that is starting right it is very little calm be careful we are not spending money on repairs or unnecessary upgrades so having a high season futbox ready to be used in the field and that we know will and will we will do with age don’t feel and why am I not going to indicate to you a region used for you that are starting the sport I will not I will not indicate why you are learning now you don’t know about empires you don’t know what you’re buying I’m going to say one I will say something happened to my team member who came in a little while ago he bought a rg on olx on the olx site he paid 150 there today but we don’t know the brand had no invoice I didn’t mention the square we don’t know the horrible interns for 150 euros because they didn’t know how to start didn’t maybe there was no one to help him professions cheering to help or 180 I 182/95 you take a shot lg top of the store with mosfet already with mosfet and i will show you it will open for you think there to show you what’s in the box the manual and here comes this model, it already has two videos, it’s already an advantage for you starting already take the people quiet right tell me a little there in the afternoon why not 108 by chance is a model I already use when it was launched a year ago and little is a time already in fullmetal with the body quite quite rigid with already couriers ready to take the accessories we need for those who were because you will need to have a barely quick exchange system but it’s barbecue that already comes ready for the power equal to the national power polishing power national and not much more a water is ready to be used with cable up to the ta ready value of the most powerful batteries which is not only the two of 11 votes is a race ready to be used to go to the field your performance very good a good quality very good quality-price ratio and i say already I have mine one year I didn’t change anything and it is and my reprimario I will put some more equipment here some accessories right you will need to you use this lg i will put here battery grams of battery to be able playing 1995 and first of all there is a vehicle missing which is the charger lipo right without the rich charger we can’t charge our battery is this charger has a value of 21 and 50 2850 let’s put the total sum and say that paying all here in the video and you will see the total sum but a product that is needed right, we need the babies right to start using 4g and we have here as an example babies 10 15 grams hodag costing ten years and is there the magnus very very important actions for us we will arrange a draw the our material is the swing for those who do not know that this connection to a belt that allow us to attach a replica to the body in case we want to move the money reach birth do not leave the replica on the floor or if I can straight accident doesn’t fall to the ground what we don’t want with helium so have some dreams worked well and they come to these enough fabrics and in case there is a dream of two points at cost 11:51 and it wasn’t that with the equipment here you can already be in the socket I will put the sum of the total value of this equipment all together and and there it is but let’s put this one here for who wants to start and leave little money but I have more money I I have a little I have I have an extra value here which was one thing little better we already have the other model but top of the range which is the launch now of the small ones fulfill the mosfet I will not bring you this model that is the spec20 arms h20 already comes with mosfet gate think we have a detailed review of this mg here on the assault thief channel take a look here on box here you will enter the previous video about this lg she has the 249 your value you can get it for 249 years so I even advice if the money saved wait a little longer can you have something better for or else you talk to me no rock I don’t have no condition it’s going to have to be this one so you already have here a rg of the small ones we will also go with the wonderful interns 181 95 then you will ask me here but rock is it because you don’t is indicating is a fairy a vest or what is it I will explain to you why not I will indicate this for you, I am only indicating this and mainly for you start is did you know you don’t know if you will belong to a team while it will be an individual player this claim here that to be a team how to start buying uniforms and vests and then are not used to this team this equipment afterwards or they sell or it will stay put I give the example of mine here so that we have were specific and accessory colors specifics and us is that I always people were buying equipment without to know those who really want ah, it is and each team has its standard of colors, right, of equipment, so imagine I’m going to buy some equipment black is the biggest player wants to play black I had to change the equipment that way I ended up spending well that I bought I bought used and it comes with problems I had to change them it was there a lot I had to change rg so with these tips you can have quality equipment is the good equipment that will meet your needs is as much now as more forward if even more if by this model which is a more perfected model right, so much that remote is also internal so qualy system hi total for a very affordable price so guys with 276 point 55 you take to 08 and if you want to add a little more money than we have even advice is you have something even better even I don’t know you don’t have stress doesn’t need to change anything anytime soon, it’s 344 for 60 you take the sa02 with all this you can already be in the Faustus you know that was 276 point 55 or 344 point 60 you can start a good one with good equipment since drugs are already going and for those who like it, since entering more suffers with realism it is necessary to drink for example but the creation of the fábio augusto higher prices around the wires agree that the player may be that is starting to practice ah and there is something very important that most people sometimes knew it has that desire to be and fast because we didn’t bring older people, it was personal as a personal experience is not advising the player to conquer this because of turning the our law we will not go into details the power of a scenario is equal to the most so without moving too much the more will be almost within reach of one is here in this initially I think it is it is even if you want it is not soft i think better start with assault and then play sniper if you want to play in the future nothing I already played I passed my stage I think everyone has already passed the music right at the time I played the game more calmly and I as I am a more electric is how am I going to play assault it in case I set up a and to show how the distance so I would crap pass one for anyone who wants play right, don’t even do it then go through a scenario for you feel is this game you want to do it no you will be invested on my snap is and will not know if you want it or not right this is mine advice right as a player he still has time his youth is another very important thing is secondary I think something important to say cp but I advise to buy ahead starts to judge and then goes to get a There are several models at various prices that you have there market for pistols are to the world after an ambulance but for you to start the base here on the table that connects you who already have enough time there is not soft that you would advise more the fundamental is right here is the chest and it was spoken here meet here to have lunch with practice get an old clothes with the clothes that are to spoil to go to the bush they already know they are going I will not stay with her the whole house maybe building something to put on her head but it’s always a 15 hat so they don’t score, there’s already pressure on jaw or if the head is missing the rest I’m always having fun are you will always know if you want more it’s not just if you want more just take other worlds to other levels is a world apart from an invitation to be part of mine here or here that people who also assemble since they already have friends who want to play are the one setting up a team set your uniform color pattern set the colors of the equipment and then you will start looking for the material of the equipment that you will want to use speech to play and I advise you to buy quality equipment I’m not telling you buy buy buy quality equipment for you guys spend on once off this is a lot launched your player advice they have been here for some time they may indicate equipment I have used for a long time time and has experience in that one we sat specifically I don’t have ashamed to ask who doesn’t have one too if you get here in the area and now I want to thank you for giving the space here once more recording the video is all the equipment that is here you can buy here in the photos online and I will do something special, only pedigree will give 10 percent discount for you here in the shopping zone we asked for boss for miguel miguel gives a discount to malta there from the channel to guys from the channel who are starting guys use the airsoft code bff best for cent for you if you come directly to the store let us know let the guys know who works here at the store are superfish educated people and will attend you very well warns you came from the software channel if you saw the video o prevent southeast percent discount for you to purchase the equipment is already the one more advantage helps already swears for you to buy the equipment for you start and until the next video


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