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Destroying NOOBS with FULL AUTO PISTOL and INSANE Airsoft GUNS!

Destroying NOOBS with FULL AUTO PISTOL and INSANE Airsoft GUNS!

But to make sure I got enough firepower I also brought this 40-millimeter grenade launcher with a scope on top for some extra range releasing 120 bb’s We’ll make sure to take down anyone in sight And I’ll request I added to one shop 300 rounds party-pooper to my armory Unfortunately, some people thought it was funny to ignore every single one of them My teammate got taken down and enemy force are coming up through the stairway I can’t do anything against them without getting taken down myself And I need to make sure we hold this domination point so with a pumping heart beat I tried to hide here and hope not to get spotted After a few minutes they start moving up and are not watching their back this is the best moment to take them down Thank You Hey Jess, this time.

I brought an airsoft claymore disclaimer can detonate by setting it up with a tripwire or were this little remote control? Setting the claimer up is easy and with over 200 bb’s you are guaranteed of a kill if they’re in the same room but the hard part is to stay close to the Claymore to see or hear incoming enemies and hopefully be in time to Detonate it.

I decided to use it only with a remote control to challenge myself to get at least one confirmed kill Good net Now that my sniper rifles out of the game I only have my pistol and my Claymore left But I need to stay inside of the claim or to detonate it if anyone gets close Ted Unfortunately I got taken out But while I’m responding the enemy forces have discovered the Claymore they think it also detonates on a motion and are trying to disarm it safely Enemy forces have already moved up since they now know where the Claymore is located I decided to quickly pin it on a different position where I can stay close to it vomiting being hated What if you could make two Separate pistols into one you are getting a double barrel pistol meaning you double your firepower That makes it much more fun taking out your opponents.

This pistol is made from full metal So it’s extremely heavy but the blowback on this pistol is just insane. There is no holster for a huge pistol like this So I’m minging holding it in my hand or hoping.

It doesn’t fall out of my pocket This side of the domination point is now safe But the enemy forests have really grouped in our planning an attack on the other entrance We need to guard this for now, but some strange stuff is happening as you will see Beautiful I Think he’s that First Esther Righteous Write you down But we know where one enemy player is hiding so a friendly force keeps him under pressure while I’m moving up to take it down Hey look You today it is a airsoft bouncing betty made by Anna Mine that makes you feel like you’re playing call of duty all over again with over 120 bb’s you are sure of taking down your Enemies this bouncing betty can be detonated with a remote or set up with a sensor.

That’s a 360 degree radius the detonation looks like this The ashtekar display for a developer CC Lucky Time to move up and planting the bouncing betty and I decided to put it on Sensor mode to make sure it goes off when the enemies are entering the building The mine itself is pretty well camouflaged but I put some rocks in front of the camera hoping they don’t spot that Clearly something went wrong with setting it up I probably have pressed the wrong button But after looking the mine camera footage back I couldn’t help but laugh on what happens First a regular group of players from my own team and just a room and are not checking anything in the room luckily, the mine didn’t work because I would have taken out by own teammates a Bit later a bigger group that is clearly checking the room before entering is covering all angles But I have no clue tears of mine there, but after a while they did see something I’m the first in a cover Oh After getting taken out I decided to check on the bouncing betty to see if this time it is actually why not She will have nice Beautiful Canopy odisha You can clearly see players are not checking the room they are entering for mines and on the mine camera You can see it detonates from a longer distance one place.

We’re entering the room Next to that I got myself a 1200 round pistol magazine It is powered by high pressure air and it can be used with my single shot Tokyo marui hi-capa for indoor combats, but the fun part is is that it can also be used with the tokyo marui extreme that is only shooting fool out of With these two pistols and do holsters and an unlimited power supply combine that with 1200 rounds And I’m sure I’ll never run out of ammo No, no How do we have the domination back in our hands We just have to increase our defense light on incoming enemies and make sure we hold is long enough Thanks for watching guys If you want to see the full gameplay videos of these guns then click on the end screen right now or click on the link In the description to check them out.

I will see you guys on the next one


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