Home Airsoft Gameplay DesertFox Airsoft: Elite Force MP7 Navy (SS Airsoft Gameplay)

DesertFox Airsoft: Elite Force MP7 Navy (SS Airsoft Gameplay)

DesertFox Airsoft: Elite Force MP7 Navy (SS Airsoft Gameplay)

yeah yep Oh bangbang Rocky what’s up operators this is Jett desert fox and today I’ve got some gameplay from SS airsoft and Sugar Hill Georgia before we get into any more action let’s take a look at my loadout in this video I’m using my Elite Force mp7 Navy this version of the mp7 is a one to one scale ratio and is a gas blowback for attachments I’m using a Hara Arms vertical grip from ASG ATL r1 Streamlight and Tru glow red dot sight my plate carrier for today is the SNS precision plate frame this carrier is basically made out of Kydex and a material called hypalon some properties of hype line is that it does not retain water and is resistant to chemicals extreme temperatures and UV light the game we are playing is king of the hill both teams must raise their flag at the flag station located in the middle of the field and through the hole whoo oh we’re blue bang-bang Hey you Hey okay bang enemy players on our left are getting closer to our spawn so I decide to clear them out coming I decided that the best thing to do is to keep attacking the left but from a different angle reloading bang-bang an enemy player hiding in a dark corner takes out our whole advance with time running out I try to head toward the flag and raise our colour no down really not sure what’s going on with that a team player Oh unfortunately the game ends as I head back to respawn our team loses the game no big deal we’ll get them next time hope your operators enjoyed the video as always this is jet desert fox and I’ll see you on the field all right every now and then just in case bang bang bang bang you don’t have a gun oh yeah you do need a gun


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