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Desert Airsoft Loadout – Op Fallen Star

Desert Airsoft Loadout – Op Fallen Star

whats up guys its me why he would disappear and we’re doing a airsoft 04 we’re having a scrimmage tomorrow at a black stone field called Operation falling star and yes sir let’s talk about your loadout I have a tippmann mask Pete ball mask works really well for airsoft it has a very nice wiser really cool um long sleeve brown shirt matrix gloves I have a Molly ready best there’s Molly a little place Turner all Molly compatible and back chili nice i mighta spot patch isn’t your vest a military-issued yes this was it has seen action in the Navy it was given to me by my stepdad but uh I have my dad rag my life line or the safety rope or whatever BB’s bolstered extra mag for pistols more bb’s not cheap old extra mags in here um here I have a collage I have a clock on ak-47 or 74 we did a shooting test on it you can go flip through my videos see that how’s the actual standings Oh fullmetal 550 on my cap or mid caps are um Oh patch I said that oh yeah that’s I have a 1.

71 basically one point practically read my regulation through it read that out I have a military issue of da in Desert Storm issue pacts with the devil choco color I have extra Mimi really well in the side pocket I have I use a lace-up aerate a steel toe still going really nice rubber sole and this is my loadout rate comment subscribe to it these are guys


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