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Deputies: 18-year-old arrested after pointing airsoft gun at child


Was meant to be a joke to scare a ten-year-old boy but it landed this man in jail in st. Johns County we could certainly have a dynamic or a very critical incident should someone who is playing a joke play it on the wrong person who doesn’t understand that that’s a joke and is willing to defend them themselves with an actual firearm police are saying that the 18 year old man pointed what looked like a real gun at a boy who was walking home from a bus stop yesterday afternoon now Douglas scipio is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon News 4 Jax reporter Eric Xavier tells us police say the gun that was used was actually a realistic airsoft gun similar to a BB gun it was on the stretch of Ziegler Avenue in Hastings where deputies say a ten year old boy was walking home from a bus stop when he was confronted by 18 year-old Douglas Scipio the third deputies say Scipio was a passenger in the backseat of this truck when he pointed a fake gun at the boy the child was so scared he told investigators he felt lightheaded and that if he ran he might get shot Scipio was later tracked down by deputies and arrested for aggravated assault according to this arrest report he told law enforcement quote I was only trying to scare the little guy this BB gun is a replica of a semi-automatic handgun it’s about as heavy as a real gun it sounds like a real gun it even has a magazine that can go in and out like a real gun and when you point it at someone it looks like a real gun so let’s last law enforcement why is this considered illegal well certainly for this young 10 year old boy who had this this firearm pointed at him he didn’t know it wasn’t a real farm so he was put in the same fear for his safety and his life as someone who is having a real fire and pointed at him so for the individual who conducted this act it’s a criminal charge just as though it was a real farm I spoke to Douglas his mother who was currently in North Carolina she disagrees with the charges against her son now a neighbor who knows the boy and his mother and has been in contact with the mom tells me that the boy is very traumatized by all this and is really just having a very hard time reporting live Erica Vanier channel 4 the local station so Eric again the man is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon even though it was a fake gun well even though it was a fake gun that ten-year-old did not know it was a fake gun so it’s so in his perception
he’s seeing what appears to be a real gun that is inciting real fear in him and so under that umbrella that is why that is considered an assault with a deadly weapon and that is why this young man is in a lot of trouble


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