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Delta Ops: Skirmish 1 – The Chambers

Delta Ops: Skirmish 1 – The Chambers

Hey what’s up guys Instinct here for a new gameplay video. As you guys know, we’ve recently created our own Milsim Team called “Delta Ops” together with Instructor Delta. And for the last periods of time we’ve have been through selection for new members and basic tactical training courses to lift the skill level of the whole team.

Now, since we are in the process of looking for a new training location we decided to do some regular pick-up events in the meantime. And as for our first team event we went to The Chambers in Huy, Belgium.

This day was a rainy, muddy and windy day but that obviously didn’t keep us from going into the field. The first mission assigned to us was to find and bring Obama to 3 marked unknown locations within the enemy territory.

So, the first objective was to find and secure the president. For this we worked our way to the villa by entering through the East side. After a search we concluded Obama wasn’t here… and we needed to search our next location which was “the chambers”.

Here the West wing was already secured, so we decided to continue our search to the first floor of the northern wing. While doing so we ran into a small amount of enemy foot mobiles. Viper: There are guys incoming on our 12.

Kid: Hold, watch out for the right! Viper: I’m out! Pyro! Now, that pyro was totally unexpected and because of this everyone on the rooftop was down. These things happen, so we just gave it another shot.

Since there wasn’t a lot of time between both entries, we did a quick sweep of the villa so we could fall back to this building if needed. Once our sweep was done, we made our way to the chambers again and got intel that Obama was present on the main floor of the eastern wing.

Someone: We got Obama! Delta: Ok, we need protection for him! Delta: Escort Obama yeah. Delta: I need two guys in front, two guys in front! After we had him we decided to move him to the first marked location that was known to us.

Instinct: Mask, we have Obama… Delta: We got Obama, protect him! Kid: Delta, we need to move! Delta: Come, Come! Kid: We have to stay here for 10 minutes. Delta: Guys, take your positions! Instinct: 9 minutes remaining.

Delta: Next flag is red, there is a red flag I know. Instinct: No, we need blue. Here we got some small resistance showing up, but quite easily succeeded in keeping Obama secured on this location. Instinct: 3 minutes 30.

Delta: Left side! Viper: 2/50 Delta: 2/50 Instinct: 1 minute 40 remaining. Delta: Be-careful, he is gonna come from the trees. Delta: 5 seconds! Delta: Let’s go. Freak: Delta give cover fire. Delta: This is blue? Once we succeeded at this location we took Obama out of sight so the enemies could not locate his whereabouts.

Delta: This is red no? Viper: Hit, he is down! Delta: Hahaaa, my weapon was shooting like a crazy. Now, since we didn’t know where the other two locations were, we decided to retreat him to a safe location so the enemy couldn’t get to him.

Delta: Let’s move, let’s move! Delta: Carful! Delta: Ok, what we need to understand is where the F*ck is the next flag. Here, we planned to hide him inside a boiler room in the basement of the villa and have him guarded by two members so that the others could go recon for the other locations.

Instinct: Move it, move it! Now, we were able to bring him to this location but once we wanted to start our reconnaissance objective the villa got attacked by enemy forces. So I reacted to this and called the team to have Obama extracted to our team’s respawn location to have him guarded there and set up recon missions to find those new marked locations.

After a while of searching the field and collecting intel from others, we got both the locations. One was on the open roof of the second floor of the chambers and the other was near the enemy’s respawn.

Kid: Watch out for the roof. We jumped into action to move Obama. It took some effort to get there and we found ourselves in between two firefights, one coming from the enemy’s respawn location and the other from the open rooftop.

We managed to keep it together with some losses and we only had five minutes remaining, but at this moment the hosts ended the game. Now, since we had Obama and managed to get him to two out of the three locations it was a clear win for our team.

Later, as for the second mission we got the objective to search and secure marked flags and codes to activate a bomb which was present on an unknown location. The bomb was guarded by an engineer and only he was able to insert the codes.

Only one code was correct out of multiple ones spread across the area and once the correct code was inserted we had to move him and the bomb the enemy’s respawn to let it go off. Instinct: The blue flag, does that contain a number you think? Viper: Possibly.

Instinct: Ok, we are moving! Quickly after the start of this game, we already spotted our first flag and Delta took his shot at getting it. Once the flag and code were taken, Freak wrote down the code on his notebook so we had a copy of it.

Our plan of action was to find the engineer and have him insert the code. For this we moved further into the chambers and went upstairs to the northern wing on the first floor. Here we found our engineer and had him insert the code we just found.

Now, this code was wrong and we quickly needed to find ourselves another code or we could risk losing the bomb. But thanks to being on the top of the roof we all had a good view over the field and could easily spot the next flag.

We immediately took action and went downstairs to push the team and retrieve the flag. But as expected we here ran into quite some enemy forces since it was close to their base. After some firefights, Delta spotted a gap to grab the flag and its code and nearly the whole blue team went in the attack.

Kid: Come here, come here flag! Kid: Go in, go in! Viper: Not too fats, not too fast! Viper: We’re all going upstairs. As soon as the code was taken, Viper brought this guy to the engineer. The code was inserted and correct as well.

Engineer: Hey, hey the code is correct! Now we could move on to the next step, getting the engineer with the bomb to the enemy’s base. So we did as was told and moved him through the mud as far as we could until we reached a wall of enemies as was expected.

We did what we could and tried to push through with sometimes quite some firepower, but everyone quickly realized this was a suicide mission. Slowly the whole team got taken out and we reached the end of our game.

Someone: 2 men on the left! Although this was not a win for us, we did get the farthest in reaching the objectives. Overall, it was not a bad day and we succeeded quite a lot in our missions as a team.

There were some flaws we noticed like the team getting separated at some points during the event and the communication wasn’t always as it needed to be. From the CQB entries we could learn that we need more practice on stacking up, sticking to each other and switching roles.

But also dynamic entries have to become smoother as well. The good things were that we always had a full 360° coverage and never got surprised in the back. Also the communication of spotted contacts were quick and clear to the whole team.

So, guys hope you enjoyed our first gameplay video in a while now. Make sure to leave a like, hit the bell button, subscribe and comment down below. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next week.


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