English subtitles available Replica test + links subscribe Click below to activate the subtitles Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW today I will present you a novelty recently unveiled by BO MANUFACTURE So this is the DELTA 13 BATTLEFIELD DAMAGED better known under the name HK416 it will be delivered in its carrying case marked with the BO manufacture logo setting the tone for the work of BO manufacture This replica will be put on the market in a limited quantity of 100 copies Following its success, the founder BO manufacture confirmed to me that there were only 10 copies left for sale, including 3 at studioSPORT The DELTA 13 is a twinning between the lower receiver of an M4 or M16 and the UPPER receveir in HK416 as well as the typical front set of HK Now let’s move on to the exterior characteristics of the replica The DELTA 13 has received special attention on its exterior appearance whether by the unique painting “BATTLEFIELD DAMAGED” based on a TAN background followed by brown shadows followed by polishing in the areas of friction identical to a real use or on the materials used in its manufacture The DELTA 13 therefore measures between 700 to 780 mm unfolded stock for a weight of 2.

815 kgs translated by a manufacture in a high quality CNC aluminum. it is equipped with an adjustable handle in 3 positions with a ring for 1 point strap finished with a rubber plate allowing greater adhesion to the shoulder and more comfortable aiming A 120 rounds magazine will be provided with this one The gun grip is therefore identical to the M4 as well as the fire selector offering the SAFE – SEMI – FULL modes Two sighting elements, front type KAC and rear type 600M as well as a steel flash hider and the bolt catch is only functional You will also be able to discover a unique serial number on the lower receiver BO manufacture accompanies this replica with an individual identification sheet giving the control information carried out by a BO manufacture engineer before its approval for sale This shows the professionalism and the special attention given by BO manufacture to offer high quality replicas and not to have any surprises on the first use of this one Now let’s find out the internal characteristics The entire gearbox has been revised and fully assembled with high quality components and the unusual purple color of this one will recognize the manufacture BO manufacture Their work focuses on the coherence of the whole which has 2 objectives: sealing to optimize performance with minimum stress on the mechanics 2.

the trigger response time and precision since the proline players play mainly in semi-auto = each ball fired must count The logic remains the same, so they concentrate on optimizing the basics so as not to have to “cheat” with mosfets.

and other electronic aids that can reduce the reliability of the mechanism Here are the elements that make up the V2 Metal gearbox. It therefore receives: – High speed Steel Gears – A Full Teeth Steel Piston – A Bore-Up type piston head – A reinforced spring guide on bearing – Bearing on 8mm bearings – A 30,000 RPM motor – A reinforced wiring The replica also receives a STEEL precision barrel in 6.

03 mm with a length of 245 mm As well as a new generation HOPUP of the type G36 with dial with a possible adjustment in 36 positions and a 50 ° angle RUBBER Regarding the installation of the battery it will therefore be installed in the stock tube or in the crane stock on the tamiya mini socket BO manufacture recommends the use of a 9.

6 v Nimh battery We will now go to the CHRONY test in bbs 0.20 Now we go to the test on target to see a little the precision of this replica, at a distance of about 20 meters Conclusion: this replica has a responsiveness worthy of the name and a more than honorable rate of fire the precision of this one is at the rendezvous thanks to the precision barrel Bo manufacture Her weight makes her an ally during your games and will satisfy the most sharp players BO now offers high quality beads in 0.

25 weight 5.93 mm caliber with a tolerance of + or – 0.005 mm with a dimpled and non-friable plastic surface develop exclusively for BO manufacture precision barrels. They will be packaged in a 2kg bag for a price of 39 euro Here is the review of the completed DELTA 13 “battlefield damaged” from BO manufacture.

This replica is therefore available from our partner “studioSPORT” in Rouen at a price of 759 euro as well as the BO manufacture balls. I put in the description of the video all the links allowing you to acquire this replica As well as all the links of AIRSOFT REVIEW.

I tell you very soon! BYE BYE


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