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Czech Airsoft Gameplay / CzechAirsoftGamers / Killcam (scopecam) / September 2016 / Compilation #4

Czech Airsoft Gameplay / CzechAirsoftGamers / Killcam (scopecam) / September 2016 / Compilation #4

Ouuu shiit! I have a kill! YEEEEEES! I´m going home! We have (our) people right, behind this building, yea? Yes! Tom: He is at 12 o´clock far away What about going down to that building and shooting from there? YTom: Let´s go! (Problems with my headphones) Tom: C´mon, Paul! I am trying my best! Tom: Let´go throught this hall and go to the left! I can´t see shit, man! Tom: They are on top of that building! Tom: Something is falling on my head! Tom: On the left!! Tom: Stay here we are going to check our back! (They failed) Halo! Is anybody of us alive? (no answer) Enemy: HIT! HIT! Woooow! Oh, I messed up! Tom: Let´s go tactical there! Krendy: Good idea! No.

.. Let´s charge! Krendy: Paul on the top of the man! Where is that bilding, mate? Tom: Somebody is shooting at you! Tom: Just so you know, Paul! Tom: Ales with his tactical assault squad! HIT! Sniper! Can you see him, yea? Are you trying telling that you are not dead! How is he still alive?!? Tom: I am amazed! He is trying to outflank us! Toms magazine: bzzzfbezhfezbvtzefgv Tom: Okaaayyyy Joel! Over there! There! (Two – enemies) Tom: That was non-verbal communication? E H! Tom: wow Are you kidding me, man? Whaat? Fuck, there are four reds.

How can you not see them, man? Tom: God dammit!!! There is one enemy lying! Tom: So fry him! Ehm, I can see just his hair! Tom: So? Shoot! Tom: Shoot…! I don´t want to reveal our possition! Tom: Jesus! They know about us anyway! Shoot! Check our right side! Left! I can barely see him! Hope we have secured our back! Bcs Joel is not responding! HIT! Fuck me sideways! Tom: Hit! hit, hit, hit.

.. Tom: HIT! TOM: HIT! Tom: I said it thousand times! Maaaan, my mistake! Man, just press that button (on camera) You are absolutely … technical … (n00b) Tom: Sorry I am a soldier, not a cameraman! You´re soldier, right? So make me here 50 push-ups (“clicks” in CZ)! Tom: I just forgot my mouse! See! (Alarm from walkie-talkie) Tom: Man!?! Tom: Who is doing this? Me: It´s not me! Tom: My walkie-talkie is lock.

.. Tom: Yea! It´s me! Me: (facepalm)


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