Subtitles in French available in YOUTUBE options Today we find ourselves in an expected review by a lot of players because as many people know the last few days ASG Company has released its latest novelty is the CZ SCORPION EVO 3A1 This review is as you might expect to be a longer than usual because there’s a lot of things to say about this replica whether on its creation but also full details Let’s start with the ASG comprehensive package that is very sober exterior only by the presence of a form and the name of the replica, inside one can find the replica and a charger BBS Midcap 75 place in a without fixing housing that does not reassure too for transportation For against any accessories provided with the replica, no fluffing stems neither sight nor organs ball bag as very generally in other packages and a leaflet printed directly on cardboard in English and French but incomplete downloaded from the website ASG, I put the link in the video description Now for the external features of the CZ SCORPION EVO The EVO 3A1 received considerable attention from ASG Collaboration with CZ Development and manufacturing and all this at 100% of European production which is a first The full body and many other parts have been produced on the basis of the true EVO 3A1 molds and polymer materials such as validated by CZ Many small details have been finely work to allow players to have a AEG approaching the maximum of the original weapon as the sound of engagement and firing selector sensitivity or a total lack of game on the butt but still has many details of this type Discover this replica flash hider to stock It is therefore composed an aluminum cover CNC flame zone 18 mm thread Its metal hand guard lock ring equipped with a screw pitch 18 mm schedule but optional counterclockwise 14 mm for the installation of an extension or external gun with a silencer A reinforced polymer handguard with 4 Picatinny rails for installing your accessories and battery housing and its attached metal strap can be mounted on both sides of the hand guard that you are going to discover in video Then there is the sear allowing the opening of the adjusting flap hopup and removable to be settled in very quickly ambidextrous use We continue on a high-reinforced polymer body and decorated with CZ markings and with two straps fasteners A bottom body also reinforced polymer equipped with its catch bolt for closing the dummy head hopup after setting but also to reset the replica after you shoot the last ball of the charger and then reload We then descend on the ambidextrous switch modes offering “SAFE SEMI FULL BURST 3 Marble” then we find a polymer handle terminated its engine cover The eject button ambidextrous charger and charger for the same polycarbonate true EVO 3A1 Then we finish by folding and adjustable stock 3 positions reinforced polymer The EVO 3A1 weighs weighs 2.

4 kg 425-623 mm unfolded stock Now for the internal features of the EVO 3A1 ASG wish to put all the necessary elements internally to afford to have a reliable and durable replica even in heavy use The unique gearbox ASG is CNC aluminum and reinforced negative points compared to V2 or V3 of the market that reveal weaknesses in certain areas Its machining allows for a completely millimeter internal mechanism, adjust and fully enclose the cylinder for maximum performance without friction or effort even using springs high power The home can accommodate Gearbox original springs up without a M130 upgrade Discover together disassembling the gearbox, details of internal parts and quick-change system video emerges Let dismantling the replica to access the gearbox You will have to remove the hidden flame and hand guard locking ring and slide the guard hand forward while retaining the cocking lever is pressed by a spring Then it will take the stick, fold and press the spring change screws and pull the stick upwards after it will dismantle the spring, the upper body, handle and motor to access the gearbox proceed to dismantling the spring with a hex wrench by pressing and turning it a quarter turn and remove the metal spring and spring guide move to dismantle the body, we must know that ASG has optimized the screws by two different sizes but with shorter or longer lengths a screw size to the body, proceed to disassembly of these screws The screws are now Dismantled and open the body (pay attention to the breech spring is compressed and housed in the body) here is the first part of the upper body, then we see the metal part of the dummy head that will remain in the second body part recover the tether strap that was blocked in the body hopup to remove the block, external and internal barrel, remove the pin and pull the assembly toward the front and pull the handle taking care of feeding son Now dismantle the lower body, a screw is visible at the trigger, and drag the body up one can see that the fire selector and catch bolt are integrated to the body Here is the gearbox, one can discover a selector plate in 3 parts (including a gear allowing the transfer to the second side of the gearbox in ambidextrous mode) and 8mm bushings and switch ASCU to open the gearbox remove the gear selector from the flat and unscrew the hex screws of the body one can discover the markings “Made in Denmark and ASG” on the gearbox screws and the metal strip will need to be disassembled to open the gearbox after you remove the screws and slide, gently open the gearbox we discover a ASCUs in two parts (connectors electric and electronic processor) and relaxation connected to its typical electronic switch of ASCUs in airsoft Systems then the bushings 8 mm steel gears, a piston (4 metal teeth) and piston head (not roll) all polycarbonate a tappet flat plastic, a plastic nozzle, a metal cylinder with machined oval opening to limit friction and get good performance and a plastic cylinder head and brass output total absence of the check on the gear for the engine because it is ASCUs that manages this position automatically returning the piston to zero on the other side of the gearbox son guide the presence can be observed to avoid damaging these disassembly or reassembly son to turn to wind the upper body and the bolt spring placing the cylinder head on the gearbox, then place the body in the gearbox and end with a replacement of the spring and guide between the body and the head, and then install the second body part The EVO 3A1 is equipped with a precision barrel brass with a diameter of 6.

04 mm to 208 mm (data on official brochure ASG) giving scope and precision and an adjustable single hopup system very easily thanks to precise locking system Then attack on the element that is revolutionizing this replica is ECU manufactured specifically for the EVO by the company AIRSOFT SYSTEMS and integrate the gearbox to allow play BURST mode 3 original beads but also to use a battery box output LIPO 11.

1V or LiFePO all without limiting fuse power consumption The ECU will have the advantage of securing mechanical and wiring through self-detection of defects that automatically stop the replica to avoid damaging the internal components and also wet weather when moisture penetration by internal But also to manage the power consumption of the replica to help you make the most of your battery lossless and by protecting the latter once the battery reached its lowest operating load avoiding render it unusable The combination of the aluminum used in the gearbox ECU as heat sink produced by the power supply ASG offers of course in case of failure on the ECU the necessary spare parts Now to test 0.

20 Chrony balls and 11.1 LIPO battery, ASG-starred with 1.4 joules to 397 FPS test the firing rate in LIPO battery 11.1V 0.20 BBS Let the test target at a distance of 20 meters and 30 meters after testing in two weights, we can see that the replica is much more suited to a weight 0.

30 gr Conduct test model to determine the maximum distance of the balls EVO 3A1 0.30 gr test 50 meters Precision 50 meters in 0.30 gr button allows the dummy in whole logs Test 70 meters a loss of accuracy obtained by SEMI mode, but the burst mode reaches 70 meters 80 meters test (test carried out indoors without wind up condition) The test report is bluffing since the replica hardly reaches 80 meters but achieves this feat by 0.

30 weight without faking video I wanted to show you the responsiveness and speed of the replica 11.1v lipo battery fully charged because the battery used in the tests were not at peak use, as well as you show the size of a lipo battery of this model that does not come into the hand guard (watch battery selection would advise lipo 3 items) responsiveness and pace of the EVO can be comparable to the model SYSTEMA Delivering a summary of the positives and negatives of the EVO 3A1 Negative: – A too brief and scary package for transportation Lack of accessory like the sights, cleaning rod or a battery-type lipo 11.

1 v given the price of the replica Excessive power is 397 FPS forcing the surrender of a spring Too light a manual for novices A big challenge for integrating the batteries and then choose the model before (preferably 3 lipo elements) Positive: -A Replica transmission output giving full satisfaction on his precision operation, responsiveness and scope Its manufacturing quality whether materials like assembly The Mosfet (ECU) integrated with the original Burst Mode Ease of upgrade or dowgrade spring change A 100% European manufacturing that greatly reassures users Here is the review of the CZ SCORPION EVO 3A1 of ASG completed I want to thank the members of the TEAM ASG (Denis Antoine and Seb) for allowing me to do this review You can find this replica in all airsoft retailers near you for a price of 489 euros Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! We count on you See you very soon !! bye


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