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CZ EVO 3 A1 Scorpion From ASG – Review & Airsoft Gameplay

CZ EVO 3 A1 Scorpion From ASG – Review & Airsoft Gameplay

a five is enough even though three two yeah hey guys the level-cap here today we’re going to be taking a look at a new airsoft gun called the EVO 3 a1 scorpion this is from ASG and it is a very cool and compact little AEG if you play Call of Duty or battlefield then you’ve certainly seen this gun in your video games and this is a perfect replica of the real-life weapon it features a three-point adjustable stock that is fully collapsible and you can actually remove it from the gun if you desire the battery is not stored in the stock so taking it off will not affect the performance on the back we have an easy to use spring swap mechanism that will allow you to change the BB velocity of this gun for close-quarter indoor fighting or for long range outdoor fighting the fire selector is hooked up to a fairly advanced fire control unit which allows you to shoot semi-auto bursts fire and full auto in addition to that the gun senses once your magazine runs out of bb’s and will require you to load in a new mag and then hit the bolt release to continue firing the weapon as you would on the real version of the gun this just adds a nice element of realism that you don’t really see in any airsoft guns on the front of the weapon we have a nice quad rail system and you’ll see that I’ve mounted a PEC box on one side which basically works is a battery holster for me you can store the battery inside the weapon but I just found it to be a little bit too much of a task to get the battery in there so I ended up going with a PEC box the gun itself is actually made from the same military-grade fiber reinforced polymer so basically what you’re holding is going to feel pretty much the same as the real-life gun now the accessories I ran with were 75 round ASG magazines custom design for this weapon then we have a nice 11.

1 ASG lipo battery and ASG devil brand point two five gram babies and before taking it to the field they did a quick firing range test at a target that’s 50 feet away it’s about four inches wide and for the most part the accuracy is really good if I’m missing the target it’s usually because my aim just personally isn’t that great overall shooting standing up and just kind of firing like I would a normal target here we’re testing out the burst fire function of the weapon so you’ll see it’s still pretty darn accurate in burst fire and lastly we’re going to switch over to some full auto and you’ll notice that I am linking the heck out of this target so 50 feet is actually pretty stained engagement in airsoft even a little bit further than this and the gun was perfectly accurate now if you’re interested in picking up one of these guns or some of the accessories check out the airsoft GI website I’ll link it in the video description along with all the items that I’m using today as for the gameplay hooked up with some friends at Hollywood Sports Park including Daniel from airsoft gi and we proceeded to try and dominate some of these fields we got one advancing on the right a lot of the games were restricted to semi-auto fire and I didn’t have a problem with that because this gun shoots really solidly in semi-auto mode it just feels really really responsive and not a lot of trigger delay the compact design of the gun allows you to take advantage of cramped cover situations and basically isn’t going to force you to expose your barrel giving away your position a lot of standard lengths end course will give away your position just because you simply can’t hide the full body of your gun people see your barrel sticking out around a corner that is not an issue with the Evo scorpion okay perfect example right here if somebody’s gun barrel given away their position I’m going to creep up a tiny bit well a gun barrel come in it now in this game here myself Daniel from airsoft GI and a few others pushed up hard on the right flank of this field and we basically broke through and absolutely dominated them and I got a lot of kills in this flank as we get closer and closer to the enemy team spawn it becomes more important for people to cover my advance here Daniel is going to cover my advance as I push up to a very aggressive position on the field ready when moving to new cover I try and go by some of the military basic stop look listen and smell although smell isn’t quite as important in airsoft the first three are extremely crucial to stay alive in this game since there are so many angles that you have to be aware of that man cometh there now I gotta say I was really impressed with the accuracy of this weapon overall it’s nice to have a gun that is so compact so lightweight but still shoots just as accurately as you would expect from a full-length m4 and considering that the gun only has a 210 millimeter inner barrel that’s pretty impressive and really goes to show you that some good internal engineering can really go a long way literally in this case nice nice kikyo kikyo ii i got him got him overall I gotta say I’m a big fan of compact airsoft guns they still have good accuracy compared to full-length airsoft guns this one has a lot of rail space on it it shoots really consistently and it feels really solid especially in the semi-auto fire modes burst fire can also be a bit of fun especially if you want to conserve some area MO because 75 rounds isn’t going to last you too long per magazine and you really got to hand it to ASG for trying to pioneer the EVO 3 a1 this is a small weapon and very hard to do in a e/g format because you got to fit a gearbox into the gun somewhere and I gotta say I’m very very impressed with the overall performance and just quickness of the weapon and sometimes new gun models can attract skeptics especially in airsoft because of just reliability issues but this gun does come with a one-year warranty so if anything goes wrong with it you can send it in and get it repaired for free again if you’re interested in this gun or knowing more about it check out the links in the video description you can pick it up at airsoft GI comm as always guys and I’ll see you next time this is level-cap you know you


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