Home Airsoft Reviews CYMA P90 by FN – Airsoft Gun AEG Review

CYMA P90 by FN – Airsoft Gun AEG Review

CYMA P90 by FN – Airsoft Gun AEG Review

warning do not try the gun-slinging that you see in this video p90 while it is fun to gun slang you don’t want to break yours what’s up airsoft Atlanta TV today we’re going to be taking a look at the cyma FN p90 look at those trades are you looking for a really unique weapon that will not break the bank well look at this gun right here has a magazine on top that runs along with the weapon it’s 68 rounds mid capacity just pop those two buttons right there pop the magazine out to put it in slide and slap the battery is going to be stored in the back of the weapon all you have to do is push the button and pull off the buttstock the battery that comes with the weapon is a 9.

6 1100 milliamp power that fits right there in the back really snug the selection of the weapon has semi-automatic and full auto features I got to do is move the little disc this right below the trigger when it’s on full auto option it does have the slight pull force in full pull for full auto the hop-up adjustment is going to be like pretty much any standard tokyo marui style p90 where you slide the door open in the thumb hole to reveal the hop-up wheel slide the door closed so you have no obstruction or any chance of really knocking that hop-up out of alignment talking about the trades once again this is a fully licensed p90 and for this price point makes it really cool and really ridiculous it is that price point with these trades the upper receiver is metal so boom you’ve got metal rail section right here metal rails on the sides for your flashlights and lasers so you have all kinds of wonderful cool little accessories you can put on this p90 to tack it out how you see fit another cool thing to note about this weapon is how light and maneuverable it is while it is a really small weapon the barrel is pretty much the same length as an m4 for airsoft and you have the ability to hold it in tight or if you want to be that guy you can hold it in hand–and willed it very easily that way too because this gun is ridiculously light need to access the hop-up chamber for repairs and replacements of rubber bucking ‘he’s just take out the magazine pop this button right here on the top of the receiver and boom there’s your access to your Barrel in your hop-up chamber area right there you if you would like the power to purchase this FN p90 you know go the website WWWE lana calm


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