Home Airsoft Funny Moments Cyma CMO22 AK-47 (airsoft rifle) test fire/review

Cyma CMO22 AK-47 (airsoft rifle) test fire/review

Cyma CMO22 AK-47 (airsoft rifle) test fire/review

hello youtube this is airsoft vault and we just showed you a video of the ak-47 and the revolver savaging ball pistol so right now I’m going to be showing you the mechanisms and stuff so of course safety semi-auto and then fully auto okay then this is the one where you can turn hop-up off or on okay and so this you can just adjust the sights here and then that’s about it shooting test and then there’s the spinny thingy so first we’re going to go semi-auto alright and go fully auto set me up now all right let’s go fully I don’t know alright so there is the ak-47 great gun um I got it in Gatlinburg Tennessee um only cost about $96 pretty nice gun fully elects fully electric this is where you put the battery so what you do is you pop it down that take it off battery goes in there alright put that back on slide it up and then you’re ready to fire and if you turn hop-up off I mean it’s not that well but hop up and then semi-auto and then no hop up hop up so very nice gun recommend getting it um like I said buy one get one free from the Great Wall this is this was 95 times 130 he got the 130 revolver and then got that for free so um next video we will be shooting the revolver yeah I will be shooting it so go ahead and this video at the top see you guys later


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