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Custom Wolverine SMP Airsoft Review

Custom Wolverine SMP Airsoft Review

you guys another gun review this is my meebo a and as yours you’re eight we had some problems with it when when I try to get it upgraded but a kind of fixed it with the SMP by Wolverine airsoft the single moving part SMP is a HP a high-performance variable of any gun you can put any in any gear box they currently have it for a km for and like m4 m16 and I think they have it now for a salt so what’s the great thing about this is there’s only one part inside this gun that’s moving when you hook it up to an air system you can’t see or even if I open it up but um so it’s just pulling back pulling for a pushing forward setting Aaron and sending the BB down everything is controlled by microchip and the battery in the back you can manually change it with a screwdriver you can change your rate of fire and your 12 time FPS is all determined on your regulator on your tank this little piece on top it’s hooked up to the hose you can change your FPS on how open it is how much psi you’re feeding into the tank itself so yeah it’s a great gun I still have most of the amoeba stuff had to change the body because it just what we could not get the SMP in the original beer locks via that changed the gearbox in the body and then we changed also the barrel because I wanted to put a silencer on the into it other than that everything else is the same from the amoeba gun other that’s not a genie more it’s now SP so we’re going to go outside get a fire test and hopefully you guys can see what this gun can do to people why what’s up guys it’s dylan from SF s this is the amoeba with the S&P na we’re going to come out here into a fire test again I said it’s shoot about 3 45 at about 27 a second that is a it’s able to reach this because it is an air gun everything is fully modifiable in with a little chip so we’re gonna go ahead and shoot these cans over you here I’m about so I’m standing about 20 yards away right now you see how well this gun performs going to do a semi auto test on one and then I’m going to do a full auto test on the other so we’re so here’s our fire sis I’m going to be shooting semi-auto the one at the bottom fully auto than one of the top so let’s see how this a little bit of pumping down fights to hop up so we’ve got to go full auto so there it is so there was our fire test um here’s the semi-auto it busted through the can at 20 yards here’s the full auto just dinged it up never busted through um but uh yeah the accuracy is not that great with it with it I guess you could it’s only a six-point 03 barrel in there so I mean we could technically get the accuracy on point with a six-point 02 or a one but it’s great for playing inside even though you can turn up the FPS on it on the regulator I would only use this gun for inside it puts out a lot of bb’s you know you’re not conservative outside unless you’re doing semi-auto but other than that it’s a great gun I the S&P is amazing it’s a lot cheaper in a polar star if you’re going to go with either an SMP reports are I would personally say SP really easy to tune yourself and it’s really easy to put in your gun all you had to do is opening view box take everything out put it in screw the trigger in put the gear box back together in your set so it’s been dealing from SF s that was the SMP review stick around and watch the kwa sr 12 reviews I see my heart King V I got my sky


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