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Custom M4 Block II E&L 14″5 (FR-ENG)

Custom M4 Block II E&L 14″5 (FR-ENG)

Hi guys, I’m Grynn from Ravage Airsoft, and I’m about to show you my weapon It’s an M4 from E&L This version is called “Sopmod Block II” when you buy it, and it comes with a 12″5 RIS I got it for around 350€ on Airsoft-Entrepot And, well I did custom it like “a bit” So, I changed the “B5” stock that was not sexy by this FMA MOE stock The pistol grip is the stock one, I just filed it, to make it more comfortable I put an Optronics EXPS3-2 on the gun, it’s an excellent red dot, very similar to the real one, I got it on Redwolf Here is a G33 Magnifier, that comes with the EXPS3-2, that provides a 3 times zoom The markings are realistic, that’s pretty cool The color is not as darker as the real one but it’s fine though But it’s still the best replica available on the market according to me I installed an altuglass on it, to protect my EXPS A french guy makes them, I don’t know if he ships international but go send him a mail to know more about it ! Link in bio The stock mag release was not good, I changed it to a G&G one The mags are ATM mags (French brand), which are available on airsoft-entrepot for really cheap They have a switch inside them to make them be 30 or 140 rds I like them, because they are solid and reliable Inside the gearbox, I changed the nozzle for the aluminum ATM one, (the stock model was made of plastic.

..) wich is cheap but actually pretty solid I put a FMA RSA (magpul inspired) sling swivel It has cool markings too The FMA stock has markings too The grip is a RVG one, from FMA, magpul inspired The RIS is 12″5 long It comes from Aliexpress, I don’t know the brand but it costs likes 60€, which is very cheap.

.. It has markings (almost accurate) The color is not awesome but a little paintjob will give it a good color I’m still very happy of it Here we have a combo with : PEQ16A M3X (long) This combo costs 85$ on Shootercombatgear It’s a very good deal The brand is Element PEQ16A has a 90 lumens flashlight, which is not bad The laser is cool too The blue led is very useful at night when you don’t have NVGs And you have a little IR light, useful if you have NVGs I use the strong M3X without the “IR cap” Because the M3X does not makes Gamma rays, which are necessary to create IR light I let the stock flip up iron sights The stock barrel is made of steel (as many elements on the replica) and is 14’5 long The paintjob was done with Fosco “desert” spray paint Thanks to my buddy 03 😉 The replica is a bit heavy It is 4.

7 kg I installed a M90 spring to use the weapon indoors or at close range It shots around 270 fps It shots 430 fps stock It shots 40 to 45 meters I will probably install a better barrel I’m very happy of this gun, the stock motor is a high torque, very strong On the channel are many videos where you can see the gun get used I’m using 7.

4 Lipo batteries It is cleraly enough, no need for 11.1 This is the end of the video, I hope you likes it, don’t hesitate to subscribe, comment, rate,… See u soon bros


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