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Crye Multicam Airsoft Loadout: CN02 CNATNJ

Crye Multicam Airsoft Loadout: CN02 CNATNJ

hey guys i’m steven from seen at NJ and here’s my new current loadout video I run a mission 2000 with a ESS goggles and a GoPro Hero 3 plus there’s a surefire helmet light and an IR spray-paint intense live pitch here’s my name tape and there’s a backup battery to my GoPro here my CNO – callsign patch and may also add I run and tan balaclava and he is s crossbow glasses here’s my she’ll be she’ll back van she play carrier I have a pantac admin pouch that serve our pay for my food for my previous loadout and I also run ten emags I mean black emag sorry with black magpul’s there’s a lens of tactical replica V light blue here’s my back panel setup I run a Thunder beat with a Kydex holster here’s a GP pouch with a smoke grenade here’s a pantac matt pack and I run my callsign and my name team here my condo or hard knuckle gloves that I will soon be replacing with some mechanics here’s my first line setup is hsgi belphin who eat here are some ready mags with my two team eggs here’s a SOG seal pup knife here the horizontal utility bag and my dumb sack here’s the cry compact so Gilly – it was a little ball thing and here’s my circle holster that houses my k2d way and my PCB here my g2 combat pants my cry to hear my big rat USMC boots here’s my kwa SR 10 as a tan PMAG here’s grip pod real steel there’s a contour roam – there’s an M bus site and these are all tan ladder rail covers here’s that Quicksilver by Mad Bull suppressor that is mock my EOTech 5:5 – and there’s my macbook CTR stock what I forget we can do it ok ok works for me


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