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Crazy Airsoft Review – The BB

Crazy Airsoft Review – The BB

Ladies and gentlemen. Review some bb’s. But uh, we would like to- -Introduce you -One bb. I know you, didn’t Except this. Expect this. Bb’s But,this- -Is this It’s a beautiful shape, it’s uh… Rounded shape.

And, it’s like uh… Sphere Sphere. It’s sphere It’s uh, sphere something like uh… You know- -What the shape is… Sphere. Sphere is something, uhh… between, uhh…- -Traingle, and uhh… Quadracopter -You know.

Watchout. It’s very dangerous. I’m collecting this in the forest,- -then I making sculptures. You see…- -Beautiful -around it. It come fly, come hit you. *music* You can play with it, little small, little tennis- -for two players.

You know that?, it’s special. The other day, I.. took two battles,- -and ever playing against each other,- -that was such a big fun! It’s made of plastic,- -clearly good, because one from plastic is, fantastic!.

You can put it into the weapon.- -And then, -it changes, into your top. Becase its very fast.- -And it sends the messege,- -to the other soldier. You know what’s the messege. HIT! These bb’s are good for massage.

They are many size of these bb’s,- -and the one of you have a maybe…- -20 30 40 Airsofters together. You just as them, please make a massage. And, you go there maybe distance two hundred metres,- -by one you go closer,- -It’s really harder massage -when you go just far far far away -its not so.

.. -Hard massaging, it’s soft massage We can wait for, hours and hours,- -it last, much longer,- -than take time If you want this uhh… -Fresh, breath Don’t… Use this… Because otherwise, you will have, very.

.. deep breath. It’s not vey minty, but.. Mmmh… Don’t worry, when you do this.- -It’ll come out. Don’t worry… If you need it, you can find it, but I wouldn’t. *cough* Bb.


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