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Crazy Airsoft Review – Airsoft Vehicle

Crazy Airsoft Review – Airsoft Vehicle

hello ladies and gentlemen hello everybody and today I would like to introduce to my new friend which comes from Nebraska College he’s directly from America this is my new friend Antonio low-volume come on Antonio say hello to me say hello to you and say hello to I let the gentleman now we are standing in front of my new car and this my new car I bought with Antonio Livorno in the market 1960 in 1960 this car we was using together when we were in the first airsoft war and after that it’s really crashed but it’s really nice and Antonio Livorno want to introduce to this car now come with me I tell you little secrets every weapon that is used on this vehicle is locked so you have to be very Swift with your hands because you have to know the number and unlock the weapon then it’s very safe because you’ve got the children’s seat over here so you are very safe you can drive fast through the forest and you can like shoot the enemy right it’s a special it’s got the special ventilating system yes you ventilate through here and here is a hook so it holds up here but then it’s not a BB proof it just BB no no proof so there’s no proof that it’s BB doesn’t matter now Antonio I also stopped you because I don’t mean no because I will kill you really really something really top I can see just a spider inside can you see the spider which is climbing oh yes you know the spider now series of spider dragon first airsoft war we were fighting in the fields in the forest hidden between the bushes and the water and we were like hungry so we didn’t know what to do we started to eat the car you know I ate his car and he ain’t my car so our cars are eaten right so I started to chew the metal then I become a heavy metal punk funk funk warrior right I can’t tell the people what RPG Age RPG is a short version of a long PG you know google it comes from pigeons PG pigeon it’s a short you put the pigeons in this and you put the send the message to intelligent action my friend and hallelujah yes we’ve got the shovel this is a time to teach you some slower lopata you moron whoa pata H like a lo pata ya loop at ha that’s like well you use it lo no very high you see these little stars it’s not that I’m major or something I was I was hit my car was hit but I I survived look at me I was practicing you know I’m a tough guy someone is hiker his hitter his own hitter I’ve I’ve been hittin like he’d come you see in the luggage place like each place is group Oh ladies and gentlemen this good acts of God is really good for a hitchhiker because some of them of the hitchhikers they are very dangerous and you they have the stuffing on the hitchhiking on the road and you just pick you want to pick them up but that is the problem because they have done or they have something and if you want to be dangerous more than they are you have to have something in your luggage place and it’s some kind of gun you can see gun like ak74 taken 47 ak-47 yeses and for jk jk and the a.

k.a and everything and JD and be the G and it is me G fee and jrmn and the mid yes yes and come over here come over here you camera hunting you can choose if you take the hitchhiker or you just hit him you know before it you see him from the distance and you say well I don’t want to take this guy or this lady you shoot them you like and they know that you are not available but he’s really good in man this stuff is like a scientist he’s a he can tell you everything about the capitation it’s a camouflage not copperpot yes what is this dish this pie is serving a huge of bungees of bb’s it’s like it’s not a shotgun it’s something like glue gun you know Allah blue thousands and thousands and ten thousands gbb jeez and it goes from this role and Guji Guji and everybody’s digi totally but when you use the glasses like this you have no problem because your eyes are okay but just your mouth is heated and so not like a heated luxury to heat it in like a hit we don’t use the past tense in this you don’t change the world okay sir but I don’t think English very well as lay like you I wasn’t in Brighton for a long time like you was I wasn’t in London for a like what a little I’m like me like you yes thank you it takes 20 thousand BBS per kilometer and 25,000 bbc’s if the BBC is broadcasted no no now it’s fully tanked up now you can close this and stays close which is perfectly to help and for the world is this why you have this stuff on your car come on top it can we close off yeah I tell you now wait good now now you take this these are pliers yes and you sometimes in the war in the first war we we met offense not offense just offense defense no just fence fence fence fence whatever you want to fame so we take the players and you do some cheap trick and the fence is gone and you go and tell us something about your friends like I mean their friends like a fencer well everybody loved me because you hit don’t love me I hit him because you see the damask you later yes yes I know but his message sometimes they follow down but I’m here to get us because I eat cheaper stuff yes and I like my seven fine funds the I want to tell them be happy that you are still alive because usually I just you know kill my pawns no no I was just a last question last question tell us something about music you are during the airsoft is the music really important it is it is it is pretty let’s that’s my answer it is very good back to you and please say hello to me every time you came because I love me legend gentleman didn’t run tuna Livorno my little brother he comes from Nebraska College but his mother is from d’être fly


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