Home Airsoft Cheaters CQB CTF (Airsoft game in Greece 18/12/2016)

CQB CTF (Airsoft game in Greece 18/12/2016)

CQB CTF (Airsoft game in Greece 18/12/2016)

Today’s game is simple. 6 capture points, 1 revive from a medic or 5′ bleedout, and 30′ games. I only changed one flag during the whole game, I mainly focused on taking out enemies, as this ended the rounds in a safer manner.

– Did you see anyone? – Yep. Contact. I’m going straight for their starting point. Since not a lot of time has passed since the round started, they won’t be paying attention behind them. Today is quite cold, around 0° Celsius which is why most gbb pistols fail and aegs make whiny noises when firing.

I thought I was going alone, but two teammates followed me, and that helped a lot. Sign that I heard people upstairs. – Is this yours? – No. – Contact. Move upstairs, I’ll cover. – Manda, go go go. – Contact, right across.

Here, I had the time to change the flag, but I didn’t know which one was ours, so I left it 😛 Here, my teammate was attempting to revive a member from the other team xDDD That was the last guy, and we won the first round.

Sign to move up – SAME TEAM! – Don’t sweat it, if they’re shooting, return fire. – We need to get below and flank them from behind. – Let’s go. – Any contacts? Right across. – That’s a yes. Discussing possible enemy position, and counterstrike.

I decide to set up an ambush below the stairs while my teammate goes back up on overwatch. – Keep going straight, straight ahead. – Move to the left (x2). Nice. I need to move fast and block enemies from getting to the 2nd floor.

Rather than keep engaging, I prefer to block the stairs to my left, to which I’m completely exposed if I stay here. I take a quick peek before I get in a proper position, and what do you know, enemy contact.

Friendlies have enemy contact at the stairwell I previously engaged, as well as the main corridor. I decide to try and cover both positions as best as I can. Either that guy moved or got revived, I decide to go downstairs and see if I can catch them unaware.

Since he’s still here, it’s a safe bet that no one is nearby. Situational awareness saved me here, always scan the area when not under direct fire. I figured out which team I’m on. Yay 😀 That’s a friendly that I barely missed.

Here, both players surrendered, one because his sidearm wasn’t out and the other because he was completely unprepared, without me ever saying “bang”. Good luck for me, because the cold was too much for my pistol, I doubt it could shoot twice 😛 – Are you getting out? – No! – Where is he? – In here.

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