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CONCOURS 1000 abonnés ” Qui est le grand gagnant ?? ” AIRSOFT REVIEW

CONCOURS 1000 abonnés ” Qui est le grand gagnant ?? ” AIRSOFT REVIEW

hello and welcome to airsoft preview so we’ll meet again for the stands out for the 1000 subscribers on the youtube channel So it will be the 9 spring dredge accompanied by its p swiss brush glasses arms so I am in the company of joel creator of the self-business millbrook of wonders so joël is there to do the draw to prevent it from being me who draws the little one paper so we prepared a small layer of lullabies of course with a good participation package as you will see that comes not that particular on giving thus joël var drawn lots on winner 2 the vsop thumbnail and the small replica that will of course be sent with so here we go to drawing lots including joël please the amount boils and we have the winner who is françois god catania So I take the little paper I also like you will see correctly so it’s françois god catania so congratulations on winning this line joël is also very happy to have participated in this little video I will will ask to contact me by mp or by mail so I will put in the video in below my direct email to send me an ID So you scan the physiotherapist entities quite simply you send it to me afterwards to wise and send your water directly to hang on it must therefore still congratulations thank you to all participants of this contest and to youtube facebook subscribers and from the website of course joël I had my next see you soon alerting hi bye bye


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