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Compact .45 airsoft review

Compact .45 airsoft review

YouTube’s I’m gonna be doing another airsoft review and today is on the compact 45 your self test it says right there up on this side I’m gonna do from note throw all my tip do grip on the review first thing is the orange tip um I don’t think it has a metal barrel I don’t know I’ll just check that up just ask me in the questions that I’ll look it up and see if has a metal barrel anyways on the other side not on this side we’ll find the clip really you’ll find safety mine’s on fire that’s on safe you can’t pull it I can’t first thing about this gun is that it’s pretty cheap I’ve had this thing jam on me three times and it is not fun to unjam it all if it you’re gonna get stabbed just put a comment in the comment section below if you want me I’ll tell you how to unjam your gun it’s not very hard though and I don’t think there’s anything else on the side so back side there’s the clip release right here each comes out I already got some loaded in there pull that button right there down look TVs come in wow yeah so I do not recommend this gun only reason why is because of the low FPS I do not like this gun because of that you’re probably wondering like is this thing good on the field no it’s not this it has really low FPS yeah yes just because it has low FPS this thing had 250 yes I probably use it as a sidearm but I do not so yeah there’s no I do not know where the hop of the gesture is if it has one a probably doesn’t have one um so I think that’s it for the review things pretty basic gone get this I give this put the package but a try like ten bucks or something cuz that cheap but anyways I think that’s all for the review so bye peace YouTube


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