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Como tirar a ponta laranja da sua Airsoft AEG

Como tirar a ponta laranja da sua Airsoft AEG

I’m trying to remove the orange tip from it, right And I came across a situation This orange tip doesn’t want to come out at all Hey guys, I’m here with my AEG And then I’m trying to remove the orange tip from it, right, and I came across a situation This orange tip, does not want to leave at all Everything I try to do here with her, she doesn’t come out I came with a wrench, I tried to come with pressure pliers, normal pliers and I couldn’t And the solution was to use this pliers here, which is the cutting pliers Ok I had it here so I ended up doing it, for now it’s getting like this That little tip, orange tip came more or less here So I with the cutting pliers I came cutting the little cake up here until it was close and now what am I doing, I’m cutting from the sides right, so I came with him here with the pliers and I am crimping here, crimping and such and I will cut from these sides Then I’ll turn here the side I’m working on, to show you, show you here how it’s getting So here you can see Her donut See? and I am doing the openings little by little There are people who say it’s just burning This part here that already takes away others who say it has a lock That has a screw .

.. In my case, she has nothing This is the g & g CM16 MOD 0 huh and hers, this orange tip doesn’t have any type of lock, as I understand here there was nothing It looks like it’s glued, something like that For now it’s getting like this, I’m going to say it’s hard work.

I’m using this other pliers here to see if I can Work better … and a knife I even detonated the knife, trying to open it here It’s all detonated, this knife I already lost There we will see Now this part here is the one that is giving more work Because there is no support to try to pull with the pliers or anything like that I will have to try to cut even this Only the hand is already hurting, the knife is already detonated this doesn’t have much support, so it hurts too We will see.

.. look, I managed to find a solution here more or less Which apparently is already solving here I managed to open it a little bit but I had to use a nail and hammer here To give a hammer and try to open a space here Let me try to focus here Then it opened up a little bit of space here, now I’m going to try to pull it with this pliers here let’s see how it goes Now with a screwdriver I put it right in that space where the nail was right, that I put and hammered the nail here for him .

.. he can make space now I with the screwdriver I come here look I managed to open the gap a little here Now I’m going to try to break this up Let’s see how it goes … then he will be taking off here .

.. Now I have to do this here but on the other side Well, after I took it out with the screwdriver This little thing is still stuck Then I had to come here, with this pliers and I had to force it aside here for him to unlock it, can you see he forced it now? It’s still hard, but I can do it now Thread it out so then we start threading here unscrewing now.

.. I managed to remove it, damaged it a little but … little thing right ae now i will put o my suppressor here that I bought I’ll take it out here for you to see I bought this one … saying they… it makes the AEG sound louder this suppressor is very good let’s see now if it fits right if I bought the right thread it will have to fit it’s fitting .

.. I believe he should come here let me see if I can screw it up better here go further… he gave a break because of of the work that I had done I think there I got a little here there, now … now he locked everything So that’s it guys, this one is the exchange of .

.. the orange tip for the suppressor remembering that this is not a real weapon, it’s an airsoft So the tip was orange, and I put a red tip here fine Now, let’s do a test on it To see if everything is working correctly So she looked like this OK Suppressor nice this suppressor here I already tested, it got high I’ll show you here I’ll just give a few bursts here, in the dry Just so you can see the sound how did it get really high look at the height of the business


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