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HOW DO I START PLAYING AS SNIPER some of the most repeated questions refer to the role of sniper we never answer cause we have no idea but we found someone who does my name is Bosco, i been playing airsoft since i was 16, im 28 now so its close to 12 years playing 8 of them playing as sniper i been in some teams but i use to play alone or with some friends i started with AEG as everybody i wanted to start as sniper since the beginning but thanks to the advises frome some teamates i didnt so played with a regular AEG for 2 years until i played for first time as sniper i learned to mesure the distances to know when was secure to fire or to not over all, to dont headshot i tryed to dont do a single headshot during my first 6 months as sniper it wasnt a problem at all, there is no need to i know it looks cool at videogames but in airsoft this replicas can be 200 fps over the rest it can really hurt you must take care about the distance, its quite dangerous i have seen critical accidents about this but if you try the first 6 months to avoid the headshot later you just dont need it at all with some exceptions.

.. i never shot at the head when i jumped into this rol i was really lucky to borrow a friend´s replica it was a dragunov by atoz there wasnt to many upgrades for it but i started to like the feeling knowing some storys from friends and with my own experience with AEG as background i decided to get an expensive rifle one of the best in that time, a m24 by classic army and i upgraded it full PDI.

… it was a lot of money but honestly i was so happy with it it took almost a year to finish the rifle i was 18, had no money i had to work to pay for it close to 8 months to finally finish cause, it wasnt easy to find the upgrades pay for it, mount it.

.. it was a lot of work i think i invested more effort in get the money than find and mount the upgrades one from the FAQ is “what replica should i get to start” how to modify it looking at the past i have no doubt it worth to get a good quality rifle in long term, it totally worth it i know chinese and cheap rifle are atractive is not a bad choice to start but in long term it gonna cost you more cause you will want more you´ll se better rifles, and you will want a better rifle its true is not a good choice to star with an expensive rifle cause maybe you realize you dont really enjoy this rol so porbably the best choice to start is try to borrow a rifle from a friend to try if you´re been playing for a while with a cheap rifle you probably will want to jump to the next level if you spended 300 to 400 € in a full upgraded chinese rifle you can get for example a VSR by Marui its close to 250-300€ and you can start to upgrade it maybe with something not as expensive as PDI in that point you can feel a better rifle it shoots better the feeling its better maybe the upgrades are not the best but it has a great performance so for 100-200€ over your invest in the chinese rifle you have a bette rifle which can be a good proyect, a startpoint cause you have the frame and you can switch the upgrades for a better ones its an excelent startpoint to keep investing in your rifle cant say the same about a chinese WELL you could upgrade it with PDI but i´ll never be the same than using a Marui and its just 150 200€ of difference if we talk about high performance wich i always had its true i had with different quality we are digging in a ground where the startpoint it around the 400 500€ for instance a SRS by silverback the replica is around 450-500€ with no upgrades so probably when its finished its around 1000 euros is not a fixed price it depends on the shop you buy it but for instance my case, my vsr Marui full PDI it cost to me 1000€ The point im now is: i want a rifle that i can take it aout the box and play dont want spend more time to upgrade or anything cause im just tired of it i work during the week, i want go the sunday to an airsoft arena, take the rifle out the box, play with it back to the box, and forget about it about the SSG24 I think what has harmed this rifle the most is the “dunning-krueger” effect the 99% of people who claimes about this rifle never actually touched it cause i know the sales list in Spain, there´s not to many it’s impossible everyone who talk about this rifle, actually had it i think its just like the anger, happines in my case, that there ir a rifle wich you dont have to upgrade and is not so elitist cause players like to say “nah, only the snipers who spend 1000€ can play this rol” i think its whay acually harmed this rifle Talking about money i spended A LOT of money in sniper rifles and i know in some particular cases i wasted the money if i could go back to the past.

.. and be this choice… for 500€ do not even doubt it the truth is, if you want any specific model there is only the M40, and the M24 but it worth it spend the money in this rifle the performance will be high quality, maybe a little lower than some rifles and you can also upgrade it every single € spended in this rifle worth it cant say the same about my previous rifles i think i never had a single rifle that i finished and feel it 100% completed always needs something this is the only one i played with no trouble no trouble to me, is probably nowadays the best choice is not the best rifle cause its true there are better rifles but it has a great performance for a player of any lvl about the gear you can start with any uniform, a cheap warbelt mouth your pouches in the warbelt.

.. and thats it high quality goggles, cause the fog when you are playing as assault it bothers but when you play as sniper, its horrible under the sun, the breath against the rifle you always get foggy you cant play as sniper foggy i play with an Edge tacticatl with double glass are a little bit expensive, are also polariced it worth to spend some money in the glasses also the ESS Ice are a good choice there is no sense in wearing a helmet what people use to wear is a cap or bonie i use this short bonie by Pentagon is not cheap.

.. but is confortable and you have this orange hit caller you can take it off turn it around to orange a simple BDU uniform its good i play with a BDU shirt by Helikon its a little bit thicker good if you go prone its a woodland m81 i play with combat pants gen2 by Emerson about the footwear, i used to play with high boots when i started i twisted my ankle but now.

.. i know where place the footsteps i use my Merrell Ventilator awesome boots about the vest i use to play with plate carriers or big vest maybe to protect me when prone or to carry more stuff but i think its better to wear suspenders like this one, by Condor with a backpack a good warbelt its important to keep it tight this one is by Viper molle with laser cut about the pouches.

.. it depends of what you want i use Flyye ind, for magazines cause is the only one where really fits more poches by Condor… and Safariland replica, for my sidearm About the sidearm focused in sniper i play with a Secutor Rudis by KJW its probably the worst choice to play with as sniper its heavy, high profile is noisy, and with low ammo but i love this model there is no excuse is just a whim what i can recomend you is the Socom mk23 by Marui the gas capability its crazy, you can shot 3 or 4 magazines the sound is almost zero its a great choice everybody recommends to play as sniper if you are a senior player, you should know this gun has a kit by maple leaf, i think its called “crazy jet” upgrading the barrel, hop up rubber etc the performance increases like crazy we´ve been talking about replicas, gear attitude as sniper player i dont think im an expert *lie, he is a fucking pro.

-Grey* i´ve been playing for a while, but i consider myself as a rookie like the first day for the begginers: what i liked to know when i started the best advices are: 1- have fun, is not a contest is not about who have the best rifle or who spended more money on it 2- upgrade the rifle on your way you decide what you really need 3- safety the most important in this rol if you cant take a clean shot, or you have some doubts about the situation is better to just go, go to the respawn dont argue with anybody take a min and go back to play you will earn an experience, that will make you a good airsoft player and over all, a good sniper player i hope you liked the video, i tried to answer the common questions i´ll keep an eye on the comment box to answer any other question i talked with capsule people about this to clarify any possible doubt and help you to start o just to inprove as sniper thank you so much Bosco Grey: tell me what just happened Bosco: well, we took the distance with a draftsman wheel from this tree to those cans at the end of the way Grey: let me take a look with the zoom its the max to the zoom Bosco: we decided to use the draftsman wheel to know the distance we where shooting and its 110m (328ft) Grey: 100m from here to the target.

.. Bosco: i had to rectify the shot but yeah was hitting the can Grey: i have to say we have wind right now right here we are covered by the trees, but from there, there is nothing to cover the bb from the wind Bosco: 110m Wiset: now we have a faithless man who want to see it Bosco: lets try again *sound from go pro Grey: gonna show it uncut Bosco: did you hear that?? Grey: at the second try Bosco: and there is nobody behind with a stick Grey: didn’t want to tell you, but if it took you 5 shots, my intention was to show it anyways Bosco: didnt see the first one but the second shot.

.. look at the wind with 0.45 by Geoffs, second shot 110m hahahah


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