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[Colt M4 Keymod Silencer – Cybergun] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[Colt M4 Keymod Silencer – Cybergun] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the Colt M4 Keymod Silencer from Cybergun This bb gun is part of the new 2019 range of bb guns under Colt license from Cybergun They exist for the most part in 2 finishes: polymer or full metal And sometimes in 2 colors: black and tan For my part, my test copy is a black full metal model The bb gun comes in a beautiful sober box with marhings of the brand and decorated with an imposing Colt logo We find on this one the usual security warnings messages As well as the references of the bb gun inside the package The presence of a carrying handle will be also be appreciated, that will allow the box to be used as a temporary transport case In this one one will find to begin, a very simple instruction manual in French and English, but enough to use its bb gun We will notice especially the explanations on the spring fast change system because this bb gun has this functionality Then we will find a 1100 mAh in 9.

6V NiMH battery and its battery charger A hicap magazine for bb gun And of course, the Colt M4 Keymod Silencer bb gun from Cybergun It will be noted that the bb gun is very well protected in a kind of expanded foam Regarding the materials that make up this bb gun, it is mainly metal for the upper body The hand guard The flash hider The magazine And the firing trigger For the remaining, it’s good quality plastic for the aiming sights The stock The pistol grip And the rails The only official Colt marking is on the side of the bb gun, this one is painted A slight mark of molding is visible on the pistol grip A quick detach mounting location is available on each side of the stock and 2 holes for a sling The pistol grip features a raised coating for better grip and a slight profile for finger placement A standard RIS rail is on the full length of the top of the bb gun And the hand guard offers Keymod rails on the sides and the bottom Cybergun had the good idea to provide as standard 3 RIS rails already fixed on them, of 3 different sizes The lever of the bolt catch is mobile but dummy As well as the forward assist button The firing mode selector is not ambidextrous and the different positions of it are correctly marked The flash hider seems to be more like a sound amplifier regarding its shape It is removable and will show a screw pitch of anti-clockwise 14mm The stock is adjustable in several positions and ends with a rubber pad for improved comfort The aiming sights are flip-up type and can be moved Out of the box, they tend to be a little hard to manipulate and will require some help to be positioned The cocking lever will lower the dust cover and make possible to access the hop up adjustment system You will also have to keep this one pulled back to leave the hatch open The hop up unit in red in the picture, is of a new type with a tightening ring much more convenient to adjust as on a G36 The magazine eject button is on the side and no problem at the exit and entry of this one The supplied magazine is a metal hicap of 300 bbs capacity with a good finish To install the battery, first remove the butt pad of the stock Then remove a plastic cover Then you have access to the mini Tamiya type connector The supplied battery will then be housed in the tubes of the stock and plugs at the end of these are molded in this one, so no risk of losing them In game, the bb gun is very pleasant to use I especially appreciated its beautiful responsiveness even with a NiMH battery type The performances in game are also very good as standard in terms of range or grouping For a full metal bb gun, its weight is not excessive and will easily be forgotten In conclusion, I have a very favorable opinion on this Colt M4 Keymode Silencer bb gun from Cybergun The finish and the standard performance of this bb gun are really good In addition, Cybergun provided everything needed to start playing in the box, without forgetting to provide Keymod rails, which is rare enough to be underlined This bb gun will be an excellent choice for a novice player wanting to acquire a quality bb gun for its first game without denying good performance But it can also be used as a good base for a custom for more experienced players Thank you for watching this video A big thank you to Soft Air Sensations in Caen for providing this test bb gun If you have questions about this one or if you have any feedback, do not hesitate to comment on this video Make sure you also subscribe to my channel and follow me on my social media so you do not miss any video, follow my news and show your support See you soon in a future video


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