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[Colt 1911 Rail Gun – KWC / Cybergun] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[Colt 1911 Rail Gun – KWC / Cybergun] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the Colt 1911 Rail Gun from KWC distributed by Cybergun This bb gun is available in 4 color variations: silver color, which was lent to me for this video, TAN, black and silver/black This Colt 1911 Rail Gun is delivered in a cardboard box with lot of illustrations and information You will find on it the characteristics of the bb gun and the classical warning messages about using it As the model that was lent to me is not new, I forward you to the video of my friend Balbuzard90 to see the exact content of the out of the box model Personnaly, I found to begin, an instructions booklet that is very light, in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian Note that this bb gun benefits from Cybergun’s full 5 guarantee as indicated in this document Inside the box are printed illustrations of the other variations of the bb gun You will also normally find a small bag of bbs, an Allen key to install the CO2 cartridge and a document explaining the full 5 Cybergun warrantly program But like me, you will mainly find also, the Colt 1911 Rail gun bb gun and its magazine This bb gun coming with an excellent visual and tactile finishing, is mainly composed of metal, the grip plates are made of plastic Realistic markings are engraved and very successful A wrist strap is available on the pistol grip At the front, an interface rail is available for the installation of accessories 2 series of striations are present on the slide for easy handling The wooden imitation stick plates are rather well done and a raised coating is present on the back to improve the hand grip The safety of this bb gun is ensured by 2 systems, the first one is a movable part at the back of the pistol grip which should be pushed to enable shooting The second system is a locking lever which can only be used if the hammer of the bb gun has been armed This last system is ambidextrous As you can see, the running of the shooting trigger is very short and very enjoyable to my taste At the front, the barrel is threaded and can receive a sound moderator The aim sights symbolized by 3 painted white spots are classic but very functional The grip is very good even with my big hands During my handling of the bb gun, I noticed that the owner of this one had lost a screw, the one that holds the slide retainer lever Make sure to check that the screw is correctly tighten on your model The magazine ejection button is located on the left side of the pistol grip Handling the magazine is very fluid The CO2 magazine is mainly composed of metal and has a capacity of 16 bbs There is no mechanism for locking the spring when loading in bbs Also be careful not to push the spring guide too much as it may come out of its rail Otherwise regarding the bbs feeding, no worries Replacing the CO2 cartridge is standard on this model To remove the upped slide from this bb gun, move back this last one to make the slot coincide with the slide retainer button Then remove it and then push the slide Remember to check the lubrication of your bb gun during this operation Here in the image, you can see the adjustment wheel of the hop-up system For reassembly, follow the reverse procedure In the end, I very much appreciated this Colt 1911 rail Gun Its quality of finish and its performances are really very good, I took a lot of pleasure to play with it In addition, the important choice of model variations should allow the greatest number to find its choice Last important point, its price is often very regarding the bb gun qualities This Colt 1911 Rail Gun will be perfect for any type of player loving this style of bb gun Thanks to you for watching this video A big thank you also to Clach who was kind enough to lend his bb gun Do not forget to like, share and comment this video if you appreciated it.

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