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Co2 P99 Airsoft Review

Co2 P99 Airsoft Review

I’m Connor from reborn a soft and this is my blowback walther p99 it has 380 FPS with point 20 grand babies at all obviously flows best Wow it has a 15-round magazine you can just use a speed loader on works really well oh this off co2 comes in here and there’s a little screw catch people flips too late and then you just just pull and see a thursday the safety is here safety can get a little annoying sometimes you don’t know whether it’s on or off cuz on other guns the Safety’s right here and you can split it with your thumb but i find the safety better because if the gun goes off and hits home near there is a rail mount right here and the cecum out like a flashlight or a laser sight on it the sights are very good they are very accurate dawn is a very very accurate gun and um that’s pretty much it this gun is great for the price on depending on where you get it on it goes from anywhere from fifty eight ninety-nine 270 around 70 maybe 75 my gives us go on a four point four point nine out of 5 because it is an amazing sidearm it’s great blow back on especially for the price I’m very moderately quite pricey a co2 pistol on a great accuracy and it is a really nice going to use it’s small its compact great while back it’s a really good gun bye


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