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Cm16 Raider-L G&G | Airsoft Review | Español

Cm16 Raider-L G&G | Airsoft Review | Español

good all, today I bring you a new video in which I am going to show you the review of the ccm 16 ryder leave as you see You saw the previous video of a boxing of this because it says that the area is magazine is complete that in reality it is only to explain two more things first also forgive for the delay but it is between that I have not had time and I have also gone to take some pills that by the way you will have the video in a few weeks we will review the m16 as you see in the body as I said before it is abs except the internal barrel and this and this outer cannon here this is also made of plastic and is here internal icann logically is aluminum this part here the meter too and the rest of the plastic bird post well the function is these stones are decorative reason to go back and reload is always decoration to the you will see a little later this piece here in truth would be to unload or rest dock here it is also not good for anything it is a piece that this decoration does not do anything to access peace is simply to take this little eyelash and how do you see it there is the hop this green quote is associated here you put it the eye to lower the gumdrop and there you stand This is the heart box that racing looks like well also he the tab to extract the chargers how come lass m 4 let’s see a moment there you have the look as if the iron peephole well it’s called iron that can be removed with the wheel from here we loosen them and eat and remain free to put for example this other mile that red dot which is the one that I use in the games that simply well it is placed and it is good as you see he tells me to yours this other look and instead of wearing this one with a red dot that is example and as you can see it does not bother much this but it cannot be taken away, it is attached to remove this as it would have to remove what is the entire outer barrel and replace it but well that’s another thing you have to keep in mind count and see if it focuses well is not on but so you can see more or less that does not bother much when it comes to to aim and if I understand it I do not know if you will see the green point we are going to put it in the red one for the best there is coincides perfectly in what would be the other the other look already so it is not annoying it is more it is also accurate it does not annoy the same It would happen with a graphic or so well it does not bother so much but you have to take that into account if you want it, I who knows how to put another look on it well, well, and who else is the shooting selector in automatic as a little hard you can not put it without seas or it is prevented that this gene is suddenly passed to me is the author without meaning to well what else if then you have this point is to the left just to be able hook a strap and here that this other so these two points in launching it also there these versions the ryder l so i said it in the other video has the cannon a little longer the issue of the cylinder head as I did is retract it with the stitches these were a little hard and I have it like this because it is perfect and to remove it and put the battery there are simply two tabs here because it is tightened and removed and now as you can see we remove this we remove this piece quote and here we have to be able to hook the battery and put them in this is not that it is very spacious and but it is also as it is very simple to that puts the battery in and is much more comfortable than you are putting in the handguard as they have other good now the issue of disassembly is has a simple disassembly to be able to clean the truck or change the way the cannon the hop to the rubber something for then simply with this with the swing here this pin well we will simply give it a little if I do it with this simply and we don’t need even martín and he has left this way, we lower him to the bottom of the whole and now simply we stretch over there And here, as you can see, two parts are disassembled, which would be the cannon and the handguard and where will I go to all the part that is mechanical and electrical you are elier bourzac and well droid al spring ok and well here in the little room is loose that now I had said that by the way this is very uncomfortable because when you realize what you ride again as you see now wait like this and then he trips and the whole envelope is kind of annoying and then this other piece I think you are not going to see it but comes here that it is a hole and does nothing as it does not have no piece that does no effect and just the little eyelash was for a dock extract the barrel or just from here and take and greedily shows us that it is very ethical this we simply take out and here is inside would be the such would be the aft bed as it is with the roulette and Well, inside it would be a bad cup that we could change to I will not remove from anything goes and you pay and you start because it would just be that you see that it is very fast to disassemble and assemble too just ride like this as today is mounted that he now we go back to pass the past and it is ready, it is something very can be assembled and disassembled very quickly what you commented on this and now it has stayed more like this then it reappears again if he is only when putting the year forest like the spring is not tight enough so what it does is that it comes out and stays around here in murias and twisted and compressed and what it does is that put it in it, it would look like trees, it has a little piece that sticks out and hooks it is not like everything is fine and argos in your place let’s see if you can see a little in sight of the canyon and then he did a bit this is how you know one let’s see I’m here as you know it can be removed It is simply by screwing this mouth cha you can put another other type of mouth a muffler as you can see the just the cannon reaches here and well this would not have many more things now I’m going to tell you a little about the compatibility of the chargers this republic if I did the unboxing it was also leave in the description and all that came with this charger that add height cap of ge and ge in the tab and it is here we put the ball here is some marking than the other here it is and you can play it as you see It will have perfectly, you have to hit it or put it hard It does not bode well and it is perfect and it cannot be removed, you have to press the button and remove it what happens I had some chargers another thousand and four are the voice for example these mica and what happens then what and as you can see, it goes a bit well but sometimes they do not fit well and they stay with slack and can be removed again OK, this is not very recommended nor do they feed the same well at all happens to me with this and these although these are a mid cap then I have this height cupcake it seems to me that the gel caps and that feeds well but good point I already bought my own 120 ball egg mid cap that these, as you see, enter perfect the first time i bought them i got a little scared because I couldn’t put them in and they came out again, they fit me completely well but it was like something mysterious that the next day he tried it again and They worked perfectly for me, I don’t know why, how do you see this that the balls arrive? until the end it is worth because it drives this and good is recommended I think that with the voice Well, it depends anyway, you can throw them away but you better go over to the people more than anything so that the balls go well and all that and well there is not much no there is much more to say I hope you liked the review and Well soon if I have time that I’m not having much time because I went up in my first game in a field and also later I will tell you about the group in which I am I will put the video of the games now as soon as I can I suppose that I can put it inside him but surely I will be busy because these three weeks are left if I upload this video the week I am recording it because there will both be three left weeks so I don’t know if I will be able to edit it because I have almost no time free and maybe make a night but there I do not know if I can record my next yes yes either I can go why, that is, I don’t have time for play and the night well with side but you know that it will not record very well in order to have his awakening when he can the video of the game that I did and some other thing to go shooting in three weeks and well I hope you liked it if you want me to upload some Jce tells me something else and well, nothing more to say and see you in the next video goodbye


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