Home Airsoft Funny Moments Cleveland Indoor Airsoft Action May 11, 2013 (ETAC… Really?)

Cleveland Indoor Airsoft Action May 11, 2013 (ETAC… Really?)

Cleveland Indoor Airsoft Action May 11, 2013 (ETAC… Really?)

alright what is up guys actually we need to be here just doing a little voiceover of this gameplay which because it’s a little bit important I have a few points to me point out and something to explain so here I’m just kind of taking it easy moving slow cover to cover checking my left and right side I will move up here after checking to make sure I’m okay I’m going to move up to my left and I am going to get lit up by a teammate behind me which I will explain later and then you’ll see me kill one guy turn to my rights in kill another guy I’ll be what what was that you just showed me was that you just shot me know was that you this show me oh I’m sorry okay okay so after watching that the event start out as me going to the left me getting shot by my teammate in the back which after the game was over I had a teammate come up to me he told me he was sorry for shooting me in the back and that was all cool so after getting shot on the background teammate I go up to the barrier i peek over I shoot one guy turned to my right and shoot the other guy here’s the photo of when I shine my flashlight in his face it’s like deer in headlights as you can see his gun is in the semi ready down to position so he is hiding behind the barrier his hands are not above his head he has no dead dragon people then get up and yell at me and say play by the rules play by the rules you’ll hear me ask him were you the one that shot me were you the one that shot me I’m probably asked him that what three times yet he continued to say play by the rules I’m not exactly sure why apparently here’s the thing he was hit earlier but I didn’t hear him when I came up like I said no hands no dead rag so I shot him assuming he was still playing he gets all mad and after reviewing the the video which I will play at the end of this you will hear him yell hit I didn’t hear him I’m sorry so he got all mad and then that last bit of audio you will hear me get shot once I will put my hand up and then you’ll hear me get lit up probably about six or seven times and then you’ll hear someone on his team yell [ __ ] you to me that was after he lit me up in the back don’t know what he shot me with and I don’t know where he was but I know he was behind hiding behind the barrier that was directly in front of me well behind me depending on which part of the video you’re watching lit me up and said [ __ ] you me this team goes by e-tech they may say that they are there to be cool which some of their members are but after that it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth i’m only posting this to prove that i’m not wrong in this situation as far as shooting him and as far as him telling me to follow the rules but i do appreciate you watching and i hope that you’ll see my side of things if not that’s fine too but i will play the video back without me talking so you can listen to everything along the way as far as the shots the talking and the [ __ ] you after being loaded by their teammate oh so my videos i hope to have you guys back what what was it you just showed me was that you the shot me no was that you this yummy oh I’m sorry okay Oh mark


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